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    11== What Is IBIS-PH ==
     3IBIS-PH stands for Indicator Based Information System for Public Health.  IBIS-PH displays five types of data content:
     40. Static web content pages.  These are traditional web pages that are typically used for welcome, contact us, and other general information pages.  The content is hand coded HTML which provides maximum flexibility/full web page capabilities.  Only the body of the page (main text) is required.  Headers, footers, navigation etc is all handled by the application.
     50. Health Topics.  Health Topics provide general overviews and contextual data for a given health topic (high level overviews).  They typically provide further navigational links to any associated indicator profiles, community profiles, and/or health dataset queries (all discussed below).  These pages are static content type pages so that they are very flexible in what to present to the user.
     60. Health Indicator Profile Reports (typically referred to as Indicator Profiles or Indicator Reports).  These report pages provide charts, maps and full contextual information for specific health indicator data like Low Birth Weight, Diabetes Prevalence, etc.  The intent of these pages is to provide the data and context to cover the majority of what a typical data researcher would need.  These reports are dynamically generated from data that is maintained/entered into a database.
     70. Community Reports.  These type of reports provides a quick snapshot of all health indicator values for a given community and comparison reports for a given community.  For example a user can view all health indicator values for a selected county.  A user can also view how a county is doing compared to the state.  These report pages are dynamically created and are based off of the indicator profile data.
     80. Health Dataset Query Reports.  These reports provide maps, charts, data tables, and some contextual information.  These reports are more specific when compared to an indicator report and allow a user to define their own filtering criteria and data grouping.  An examples of a dataset query is looking up Smoking Cessation Attempts for college educated, married males, in years 2011-2015. 
    211'''The IBIS-PH software was specifically developed to meet the recognized public health assessment data dissemination needs'''. This includes tabulation of vital statistics data, tracking of progress on Healthy People 2020 goals, and the displaying of data for local communities.  The design goal is to provide 80% of a department of health agency's data dissemination needs with 20% of the hard costs when compared to other solutions. If you would like to [wiki:adoptibis adopt the IBIS-PH system] (or any of the components) or if you have any questions about the system please email one of our adopters or feel free to join the monthly [wiki:CoPCallAgenda IBIS-PH Community Of Practice call].