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Support Schedule (Paul's Schedule)

This page provides the adopter support schedule. The intent is to provide adopters visibility to Paul's work load and to communicate priorities and available hours/funding. Please visit the Development Schedule for information about where the development is headed.


  1. Test and Verify new SVN and Trac VM, includes documentation for users (all IBIS adopters) (1-2 weeks)

Funding: fractional charges to IBIS adopters Expected Due Date:~2/14/2017

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Work with MT IT to get a dev instance of ibisph-view working (1 week)
  2. PCO Indicator and community reports (2-3 months) - Due Date 3/31/2017
  3. Refine Hospital Discharge Queries (1-3 weeks)
  4. Begin work on Emergency Room Discharge Queries (1-3 weeks)

Funding: Use 2017 Support funding.
Expected Due Date: See above

New Jersey
Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Bring up Local Dev environment using Glassfish App Server for IBIS v 2.3 (1-3 days)
  2. Clean up ibisph-admin v 2.3 DB (1-2 days) 1/25/2017

Funding: Current 2016-2017 support contract.
Expected Due Date: See Above

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. update pages as needed
  2. update and New NCDM indicators (2 - 3 months)

Funding: Current 2016 support contract.
Expected Due Date: TBD

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. ongoing updates to site
  2. implementing and testing 3.0 changes to db

Funding: Current 2016 support contract.
Expected Due Date: TBD

Kentucky EPHT
Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Implement Indicator and Community Reports (TBD)

Funding: Current 2016 support contract.
Expected Due Date: TBD

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. New Map layers (2 weeks)
  2. Prams Queries - perhaps using SAS to create XML files (1-4 weeks)
  3. Begin work on Vital Records Queries.(1-2 months)

Expected Due Date: 6/1/2017

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. UT EPHT UI tweaks, including reverse color map, changing legend, new maps because Local Health District change in 2015

Expected Due Date:TBD

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Modifications and Additions to existing site as requested (1 week)
  2. Rework Mortality Queries (due to new site organization and modified security) (1 week)

Funding:2016 Maintenance Funds
Expected Due Date:2/14/2017