Support Schedule (Paul's Schedule)

This page provides the adopter support schedule. The intent is to provide adopters visibility to Paul's work load and to communicate priorities and available hours/funding. Please visit the Development Schedule for information about where the development is headed.

NOTE - No work will be performed beginning 9/22 through 10/30/2017

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Injury Indicator and community reports (1 month) - Due Date 11/30/2017
  2. BRFSS Queries (1 month) - Due Date 12/15/2017

Funding: Use 2017 Support funding.
Expected Due Date: See above

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. update content pages as needed
  2. update and add any new NCDM indicators (2 - 3 months) TBD
  3. query training (several days over several weeks) TBD

Funding: Current 2016-2017 support contract.
Expected Due Date: TBD

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. ongoing updates to site
  2. implementing and testing 3.0 changes to db

Funding: Current 2016-2017 support contract.
Expected Due Date: TBD

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Begin work on Vital Records Queries.(1 month)
  2. Review and update back-end .sas and .def files for BRFSS, PRAMS, YRBS, YTS
  3. New Map layers (2 weeks)

Funding:2016 - 2017 maintenance support contract (ending 6/30/2017)
Expected Due Date: 12/31/2017

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. UT and EPHT finish 1 more map configuration and json. (2 days)

Expected Due Date:11/30/2017

North Dakota
Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Continue to Implement BRFSS queries
  2. Begin working on Vital Records queries

Funding:2017 contract
Expected Due Date: 3/31/2018

Prioritized Tasks:

  1. Initial Install of IBIS
  2. Work on BRFSS queries

Funding:2017 Maintenance support contract
Expected Due Date:1/31/2018 ??

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