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This page provides insight into the planned versions. This includes a rough work break down for that version's goals with an estimated completion date. Please see the Support Schedule page for information about adopter support.

Version 3.0 - new dataset structure

3rd Round of Testing, full NM data migration to production: End of June/July? 2018

For the end user there will not be any major discernible/visible features. This is an admin backend data release and basic view app conversion to the new structure and latest dependent libraries. The schedule aligns with NM availability which will provide the time needed to finish migration from 2.3 to the new data structure. See 3.0 Design Goals for information about what version 3.0 is trying to accomplish (See Current Design Thoughts for current ideas).


  • 1w - One round of SQL script mods
  • 2w - Add related query to views, publishing tweaks needed
  • 1w - 2nd iteration data SQL script mods
  • 1w - 2nd iteration Admin App basic UI updates for NM to view data
  • 1w - Admin App testing
  • 1w - View app IP updates
  • 2w - View app CP updates
  • 1w - View app "initiative" updates
  • 2w - Working with Lois and Paul help/implementing nm
  • 1w - Misc support and PM type work
  • 2w - backend IBISQ testing.
  • 4w - Admin App Community profile UI
  • 4w time off

==> 24 weeks ==> 6 months

Future Versions ?

  • Trending and user defined comparisons
  • Better searching
  • Clean up the query modules and implement IBISQ v3
  • IBISQ to IP dataset Integration
  • Ability to define, save, and save comparisons
  • Better, more integrated content management and publishing
  • More mapping options with Chloropleths and weighted heat maps
  • Advanced Visualization
  • Software dependency updates
  • UI updates
  • Training
  • Documentation and hand off
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