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This page provides insight into the planned versions. This includes a rough work break down for that version's goals with an estimated completion date. Please see the Support Schedule page for information about adopter support.

Version 3.0 - new dataset structure

2nd Round of Testing, full NM data migration to production: Nov 2017

For the end user NO new features will likely be visible within the web site. This is an admin backend datga release and basic view app conversion to the new structure. The schedule aligns with NM availability which will provide the time needed to finish migration from 2.3 to the new data structure. See 3.0 Design Goals for information about what version 3.0 is trying to accomplish (See Current Design Thoughts for current ideas).


  • 2w - Finish data SQL script mods
  • 2w - Admin App basic UI updates for NM to view data
  • 2w - 2nd iteration data SQL script mods
  • 2w - 2nd iteration Admin App basic UI updates for NM to view data
  • 1w - Admin App publishing conversion
  • 1w - View app IP updates
  • 2w - View app CP updates
  • 2w - View app "initiative" updates
  • 2w - Working with Lois and Paul help/implementing nm
  • 2w - Misc support and PM type work
  • 4w - New adopters and special projects (KY EPHT CDC API)
  • 4w - backend IBISQ XML changes.
  • 4w - time off

==> 26 weeks ==> 6 months

Version 3.1 - Basic Trending and Comparison - View app

Scheduled Release: April 2018

This release will be the first iteration of basic user data discovery, ability for users to compare and trend data, and save those definitions. This version is the first major step in using the new dataset and dimension definitions.


  • 3w - Data discovery UI (peers, community, dim lookup)
  • 4w - Data compare UI (peers, community)
  • 2w - Data compare saving
  • 1w - Data compare charting
  • 2w - Define and saved IP sets
  • 1w - Paul help/implementing nm
  • 2w - support and PM type work
  • 2w - time off

==> 17 weeks ==> 4 months

Version 3.2 - Enhanced Data Comparison and Trending - View app

Scheduled Release: Jul 2018

Next iteration of dataset comparisons, Topic, IP and IBISQ integration, enhanced charting options and interactive map integration.

Version 3.3 - Advanced Visualization and Content Management - Admin & View app

Scheduled Release: Dec 2018

Map enhancements, updates to findings/feature set enhancements according to priorities, update dependent software packages to latest versions etc. Streamline content management and publishing. Prepare for software maintenance hand off.

Version 3.3+ - Feature Fine Tuning and App Stabilization - No Known Development Funding

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