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Welcome to the IBIS-PH Community of Practice - Product Management Site

IBIS-PH stands for Internet Based Information System for Public Health. IBIS-PH is a set of open source software that provides real time querying of SAS datasets, the centralized management of indicator profiles, as well as other content like health topics. This site provides access to all of the IBIS-PH work products. In general, the IBIS-PH Community of Practice consists of any organization or individual who is interested in the dissemination of data and information for public health assessment. Use of this site and/or the content contained within is subject to this disclaimer.

IBIS-PH Community of Practice Mission Statement

The mission of the IBIS-PH Community of Practice is to openly share resources and expertise to enhance the IBIS-PH software and to support its effective use in public health organizations.

IBIS-PH Community of Practice Management

Adopting IBIS-PH

Resources / Help

  • Wiki Pages Index lists all Trac wiki pages.
  • How To Wiki Pages. This is an index of 'cookbook' type documents for states wishing to adopt the IBIS-PH software.
  • How To Videos. This is an index of training videos.
  • -NEW- Troubleshooting Help lists steps and items that an adopter needs to provide to the IBIS tech support.
  • Discussion Forums. vBulletin is a web based application which allows individuals to share knowledge and ideas like dealing with health data, SAS programming, web development, and IBIS-PH application specific topics.
  • System Documentation Website. This website provides detailed information about the software and includes how to install and support the applications, developer documentation, and content management user documentation.
  • -NEW- Other Sites of Interest? list of sites that provide similar access to their public health data or sites that have interesting technology.

Public Sites Using the IBIS-PH Software:

Agencies Adopting the IBIS-PH Software:

About IBIS-PH and the Trac Application

This page is part of the IBIS-PH WIKI and is hosted within the "Trac" application. Listed below are some helpful Trac management links:

Special Acknowledgements

  • Gayle P. Clement for graciously allowing us to use her "IBIS flock in flight" photo for the IBIS-PH CoP.
  • The Utah Department of Health's IT group for supporting and hosting this site.