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Welcome to the IBIS-PH Community of Practice - Product Management Site

IBIS-PH stands for Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health. This site provides access to all of the IBIS-PH work products. In general, the IBIS-PH Community of Practice consists of any organization or individual who is interested in the dissemination of data and information for public health assessment. Use of this site and/or the content contained within is subject to this disclaimer.

IBIS-PH Community of Practice Mission Statement

The mission of the IBIS-PH Community of Practice is to openly share resources and expertise to enhance the IBIS-PH software and to support its effective use in public health organizations.

The Product Management portion of the IBIS-PH Community site provides

  • Access to IBIS-PH files, including source code. TortoiseSVN access is offered at and web access is provided by Trac's Browse Source Subversion File Repository interface. NOTE: Use of IBIS-PH software implies agreement to the Internet Software Use Agreement.
  • Project Management of work product milestones. This is accomplished using the Trac Roadmap engine.
  • Tracking of bugs and tasks using the Trac Ticket engine.
  • A Wiki page engine that allows authorized users to define their own custom web pages that will be served up via Trac.

Other IBIS-PH Community of Practice web resources include

  • Detailed System/Application Documentation. This includes how to install and support the applications, developer documentation, and content management user documentation.
  • Discussion Forums. vBulletin is a web based application which allows individuals to share knowledge and ideas like dealing with health data, SAS programming, web development, and IBIS-PH application specific topics.
  • [wiki/HowTo Wiki IBIS HowTo Pages]. This is an index of 'cookbook' type documents for states wishing to adopt the IBIS-PH software.
  • Project Schedule. This is a brief overview of the project activities for next few months.

Public Sites Using the IBIS-PH Software:

About IBIS-PH and the Trac Application

This page is part of the IBIS-PH WIKI and is hosted within the "Trac" application.

"trac-admin yourenvdir initenv" created a new Trac environment, containing a default set of wiki pages and some sample data. This newly created environment also contains documentation to help get things started with the IBIS-PH project.

Please use the trac-admin to configure Trac to better fit IBIS-PH, especially in regard to components, versions and milestones.

TracGuide is a good place to start.

Trac Starting Points

For a complete list of the local wiki pages, see TitleIndex.

Special Acknowledgements

  • Gayle P. Clement for graciously allowing us to use her "IBIS flock in flight" photo for the IBIS-PH CoP.
  • The Utah Department of Health's IT group for supporting and hosting this site.