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    881. The application will not be released until all of the associated version's defect tickets are tested and closed (or reassigned).
    991. When creating a ticket the main areas to focus on are "Describe the Application" and "Describe the Problem". 
     101. The issue should be included in the test set.  The test set should at a minimum include the URL and the steps.
    1819 - Query result page's data table does not display cross3 values (PASS).
    19201. '''Describe the application (which application? which version?):'''
    20  a. If the problem is first seen running an adopter version you must then test the core code associated with the adopter version.  If the core code doesn't have the issue then it's an adopter support issue – it's not a defect ticket - defect tickets are only for core code.
    21  a. Is the problem with current released code or trunk development code? 
    22  a. If released code then include the repo URL to the adopters released code's snapshot.  If core development code then include the repo revision number.
     21 a. Is the problem on the public production server using released code?  If so then there should be a release snapshot in the adopters repository area that includes the adopter's code and the core code used.  Include this base adopter released snapshot version repository URL.
     22 a. If the problem is with non released development code then the adopter needs to first determine if it is their adopter specific code or core code.  The adopter should export the core code only and test.  If the problem is only seen running then adopter version and the core code doesn't have the issue then it's an adopter support issue – it's not a defect ticket - defect tickets are only for core code.  If it is an issue with the core, trunk development code then the adopter should report the export date of the core code used. 
    23231. '''Describe the application environment:'''
    2424 - '''Client Issues (app works and data is correct but page doesn't format correctly or interaction is not correct):'''
    31311. '''Describe the problem:'''
    3232 a. Include the URL of the page that has the problem.
    33  a. Include any steps that are needed to recreate the problem. 
     33 a. Include every step that is needed to produce the problem ('''this is the most critical information to provide and MUST always be included - never assume - always describe the steps so that any non IBIS person can reproduce the issue''').
    3434 a. This could include ALL web pages hit that are associated with the problem. 
    3535 a. List all selections that are made on said pages.  Include screen shots if needed.