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    1616 * []  - The intro page - very clear and quick/easy to understand what you can do.  What do you think about their approach e.g. how it's organized and how they navigate etc.?  They use one of the script packages we investigated with the charts/maps displaying quickly etc.  Paul said: Positives: Engaging. Draws in user.  I got a map or graph really quickly.  Features - Edit the chart. Get image.  Get data.  Change the indicator. Bar graph presents U.S. bar in different color from state bars.  Negatives:I got lost quickly. Drew me in so well…  Sometimes asked to select methods of navigation I didn’t understand (rate versus characteristics)
    1717 * [ Health Status 2020]
     18 * [ CDC National Environmental Public Health Tracking Network] showing side by side data displays
    1819 * [] - check out [ QuickFacts] with the new maps and dashboard for: [,35,37,00# Bernalillo County], NM.  [ product using the IBIS-PH 2.3 map colors].
    1920 * [ Health Grove].  Interesting site that can link to that can provide a nice overview on health topics.