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    33'''Health Data Related Sites'''
    44 * [ Kids Count Data Center].  Nice, easy navigation with fast queries.  Produces maps, data table, and charts. 
     5 * [ City Health Dashboard].  Site presents some information that most other sites do not but is limited compared to what other sites present.  The site has a nice clean simple layout.  Because it is a subset of other sites, it is easily navigated.  They display the source, def, how calculated on the page.  The link to more contextual data is an improvement over what we've seen on other sites as it is presented well and provides more data than other sites.  One feature other sites do not provide is their comparison where they provide a 2d scatter plot between 2 indicators with a regression line.  The plot shows a helpful correlation r value and interpretation.  Site cleanly provides demographics on the side.  The overview report is close to the IBIS community report.  The data export is a true Excel file.
    56 * [ County Health] (has side by side map comparisons).
    67 * [ The Climate Explorer].  I found the site a bit confusing, though. I assume “emissions” means carbon emissions? Does blue assume that… what? It really doesn’t describe what the two scenarios are. At least I couldn’t find it.