New Mexico's Installation Experience & Materials

The usual caveat applies - I am not a Java programmer, I am a "worker bee" trying to get stuff to work. But hopefully that perspective will be useful to you.


1. High-Level To-Do List

View2 and Admin2 go together. You cannot mix and match Version 1 with Version 2. This GRID provides an organized, strategic approach to installation, testing and moving data over to Version 2.

2. Lois' Copious Installation Notes

I've been keeping detailed notes on my latest IBIS Version 2 installations for Admin2 and View2. Not all my NM tasks will be relevant to your installation.

  1. Admin2
  2. View2

3. XML Files from V1 versus V2

This ZIP file contains sample XML files from the NM View1 and View2 applications, for both indicators and query modules (Builder and Results pages). I have included these to help identify any differences. In NM, our EPHT folks are consuming IBIS xml, and they need to know how the new version's xml is different from the old.

Bug Tracking

Garth has indicated that he would like us to start using this site to report bugs, defects, and issues. I have started doing this, and you can check there under the first two Roadmap items to see what UT and NM are finding in the new Admin and View version 2.x. Just click on the links for Active tickets to see what is going on.

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