You need to have a few things in place in order to view the indicator reports tab, submenu buttons, and the actual report pages.

This assumes that you have published indicators from your IBIS Admin application.

1) To view the top tab, you'll need to edit this file: ... Tomcat\webapps\ibisph-view\xml\menu\sections.xml

The top tabs are listed at the bottom of the file. You will need an "include" statement for the "indicator_section.xml" file.

2) Then open the indicator_section.xml file in that same directory. This file controls the buttons on the sub-menu, and also the title that shows up on the tab itself (there is a <TITLE> element around line 35). Modify this file to include only those submenu buttons you want. (Comment out selections you don't want/need yet.)

Make sure you have a selection in that file that looks something like this:

<DESCRIPTION>Alphabetical list of Indicator Reports</DESCRIPTION>
<TITLE>Alphabetical List of All Reports</TITLE>

3) Now look for the published_profiles.xml file. You should find it in this folder: ... Tomcat\webapps\ibisph-view\xml\indicator

The Alphabetical List content is published using the contents of the published_profiles.xml file. Every time you publish an indicator to the View system, the publish mechanism updates the published_profiles.xml file. (Or it should, anyway. If it's not doing this, there's a problem.)

4) To view an indicator report, you'll need to have the xml files for that indicator and its views in this folder: ... Tomcat\webapps\ibisph-view\xml\indicator\profile

For instance, on my NM View system, I have one file for Adolescent Births indicator: BirthTeen.xml , and I also have files for different views:

  • BirthTeen.15_19.Year.NM_US.xml (line graph of NM and US Trends)
  • BirthTeen.15_17.Cnty.xml (bar graph by counties)

Again, those xml files are published (copied) from the Admin system to the View system.

If you don't have those files on your View system, you can't view the indicators.

Here in NM, our admin app publishes those files to our view server. If I want to get them on my local dev machine, I copy the files straight over to my local machine. If I don't do this, the next deployment of my View app will not have those indicator reports in it.

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