Basically, changing the indicator's *status* to "approved" will publish an indicator profile report xml file to the View system.

You can find status for a given indicator on the Admin site, on the "Indicator Main" page for that indicator. At the top of the page, there is a drop-down box for status. The initial status is "open." When an indicator is open, you can only see the "open" and "completed" statuses in the drop-down box. Change the status to "completed" and save your indicator, and it locks down the content (you can no longer modify the fields). When the indicator status = completed, you will be able to see "completed" and "approved" as options in the status drop-down box. Change the status to "approved" and save the indicator, and IBIS-Admin will publish an indicator profile.xml file to the IBIS-View system, here:


IBIS-Admin will give you a message when it publishes the xml to the View system. Be sure to read the message - if there were any errors, it will tell you in that message box.

If you have trouble publishing an indicator, check your Tomcat/webapps/WEB-INF/web.xml file. Search for 'Publish.AdminVerification.Filter', and make sure the filter is not overly restrictive. This filter restricts access so that only the Admin server can publish indicator profiles to the View system.

You can also check the Admin system for a webapp/WEB-INF/ file that tells Admin the URL for the IBIS-View system.

IBIS-Admin will add a record to the View system's Alphabetical index xml file when it successfully publishes an indicator. So, after you publish an indicator, you can find it on your View system's alphabetical index page and navigate to it to make sure it looks okay.

BTW - to Unpublish an indicator, change the indicator to inactive (uncheck the Active flag on the indicator main page), and publish the indicator. (Change status to open, save; uncheck the active flag, change status to completed, save; change status to approved, save). It will remove your indicator profile report xml from the View system and take the indicator off the alphabetical index.

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