I have created a new Top Tab "EPHT Network" for UT-IBIS. I need update "You are Here:..." path to "You are Here: IBIS-PH > EPHT Network > current page". The file that need be updated is located at ".../ibisph-view/xslt/html/epht/SiteSpcific.xslt". The parts that needs be changed are shown in bold below:

<xsl:param name="SiteSpecific?.selectedMenuSectionName" select="'ephtMenu'"

ibis:doc="Element ID of the 'Home' top tab navigation menu element. This allows the tab to have its class set to the 'On' value thus showing the sub section of the system that the user is in."


<xsl:template name="SiteSpecific?.navigationPath"

ibis:doc="core publication nav path template"

<a href="{$ibis.urlPrefix}">IBIS-PH</a> &gt; <a href="{$ibis.urlPrefix}EPHT Network">EPHT Network</a>


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