How to Apply a Patch File to Your Source Code

A patch file is a "diff file" that lists the differences between two text files, such as different versions of program source code. For example, a patch file can show the differences between the source code you downloaded from the IBIS-PH repository and your customized working copy of the source code. If you apply the patch file to the downloaded original source, it will be changed to match your customized version.

There are many different tools available to help you apply a patch file, including TortoiseSVN, SubEclipse and the Unix/Linux? patch utility.

Patching with TortoiseSVN

  1. Download patch file.
  2. Run TortoiseMerge from the Programs menu, choose "Apply unified diff." Browse to folders for "Diff file" (your patch) and "Directory" (parent folder of webapp).
  3. The files to be patched should all be listed in black (ready to patch). Right-click and choose "Patch all." Done instantly.
  4. Verify that the files in your working copy have been changed with changes from the patch file.

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