The following is a list of HowTos that have been put together by IBIS-PH users. Some (most?) of them could be fleshed-out a little better. If you try to use one and find it confusing or incomplete, please report your experience to the IBIS-PH Community of Practice Web Forum.

1. Software Installation and Configuration

  1. How to Install the IBIS-PH Software
  2. How to Set Up Your Local Development Environment
  3. How to Use the Subversion File Repository Using Tortoise
  4. How to Install the IBIS-PH View Application
  5. How to Configure Your IBIS-PH Installation
  6. How to Install the IBIS Query System (includes example dataset and code)
  7. How to Install the NEW IBIS Admin and View Releases
  8. New Mexico's Version2 Installation Experience
  9. Utah's Version 2 Installation Experience
  10. Utah's Setting up a Local Development Environment: IBIS-PH 2.3 (Updated March 22, 2017)
  11. Utah's Setting up a Local Development Environment: IBIS-PH 2.3 (Updated September 19, 2018)

2. Customizing the Look and Feel of Your IBIS-PH Site

  1. How to Customize Your IBIS-PH Look and Feel
  2. How to Modify Top Tab Names and Structure
  3. How to Modify "You are Here" path for a new Top Tab
  4. How to Insert Reliability Flags in Query Results

3. Common Operational Tasks and Other Enhancements

  1. How to Apply a Patch File to Your Source Code
  2. How to View Your Published Indicator Reports on IBIS
  3. How to Publish Indicator Reports
  4. How to Create a Query Configuration Report and Exerciser
  5. How to Create an Indicator Community Profile Report
  6. How to Update A Survey Query Module For a New Year of Data
  7. How to Change the Categories of a Dimension on a Survey Query Module
  8. How to add Relative Standard Error (RSE) to a Survey Module
  9. How to compute 14 different confidence intervals in SAS
  10. How to upload your files to repository
  11. IBIS Admin Text Formatting Guide (Wiki Markup)
  12. What is a "data frame" and why should I care?

4. Common Issues and other How To

  1. Illegal Characters in IBIS
  2. Referencing Absolute File Paths in
  3. Removing Total Row In Survey Queries
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