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    1414 * Old CDC notes about their profiles that appear to have moved/replaced?  Interesting community profile] table layout with links that has option for all US peers map.  Peer county demographics report etc. CDC's Influenza Vaccination doesn't work anymore either - notes said: interactive map. Instant atlas type display, but what is interesting is the documentation and help pages that accompany it (APPEARS TO BE DOWN/BROKE). 
    1515 * [ CDC's Indicators - CDI] or start with [ BRFSS Tobacco].  This site is Socrata based - so filtering, sharing, saving definition, exporting, lots of controls to change visualization, [ Open their data in other apps],  etc.  Getting contextual info is a challenge but this could simply be because it is not setup?  Easy to get lost and not know where you are and options etc.  CDC's Office of Smoking and Health [ OSHData] web page that navigates to Socrata.
     16 * [ CDC Wonder].  CDC's online dataset query system.  Site has been around for a while with its interface looking a little dated with some operations being a little slow.  However, it is still the reference site because of the available datasets and output options.  Visualizations have lots of custom properties options like size, titling, map grouping, and more.  Navigation is clean and flat.  Choose the dataset, define the filtering and grouping, view the result with full visualization options.  Site is not an interactive dashboard but provides what is needed including metadata, easily used rasterized charts and maps.  Query definitions can be saved without an account so that the page is bookmarkable and sharable.
    1617 * [ CDC's EPHT Tracking] Matt said maybe IBIS could use this technology.  Of all of their main data options presented they all eventually funnel into their "Data Explorer" GIS tool.  Steps:
    1718   1. Choose the "Data Explorer".