Collaborative Tasks

This page lists all of the efforts and tasks that the community is actively engaged

Topic Refinement

Lois Haggard put in allot of work to create the basis for our health topics. The next step is to create an easy, interactive landing page for each topic. This effort involves defining what these landing pages should contain and what they should look like to assist the new IBIS user. Navigation is also needed as are core content updates. The CoP team needs to prioritize and commit resources to make it happen.

"R" Statistics Software

Determine what the impacts are to adopt "R".

Tasks include:

  • Converting SAS datasets.
  • Converting SAS routines.
  • Interfacing IBIS-PH View with the R web services.

Training videos

I'm going to put out a video on how to make videos. However we need to define and prioritize what videos are needed and who can create them. The 2 general types of videos we need are developer type videos, and user help type videos. Please let me know if you're interested in contributing to this effort.

Current members who have committed include:

  • Matt (UT EPHT)
  • Paul Leo
  • Garth
  • Katherine Benson

Cody Custis from Montana is working on creating training modules using Moodle which is an open source collaboration and learning platform. A demonstration module is available here:

Adopter support and funding

We need to have an idea of where everyone is at as far as their support needs and contributing to the general development fund. As far as future funding goes this is nothing to bind/hold adopters to - just would like to have a general idea of where things are likely going to go so we can plan and prioritize features.

STG is going to put in place a better mechanism so Paul and I can track and manage things better. So what we're needing is:

  • Possible amount for 2014-16
  • Which versions you'd like to adopt and when you think it needs to be implemented and deployed.
  • How much funding you'd like to contribute to software development. We've typically tried to get each adopter to contribute $30k per year with 1/2 going toward support and the other 1/2 going for development.
  • If you are fine to allow any unused funds to roll over into future years. Note that all STG contracts are time and materials. In general any prepaid unused funding is always reimbursable and any contract/funding can be terminated by an adopter at any time.
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