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Monday, January 23, 2016 . 3:00 to 5:00 EDT (1:00 -3:00 PM MDT) (NM Hosting Dial-in: +1 (646) 749-3122 - Meeting ID:720-569-085 )

IBIS-PH is website software that allows Public Health Practitioners access to Publicly-owned Health data.

Call Focus: Future of the IBIS software development.


  • When you submit a ticket, leave the Milestone=Unassigned and Version=Unknown and the ticket will come up on ticket report number 1 New Tickets for CoP Review
  • If you have new or open tickets please review them and be prepared to discuss them on the CoP call. You can run the {1} New Tickets for CoP Review report to see current tickets. The purposes of discussing tickets are to a) communicate an idea to the community, and b) to identify and track IBIS-PH software issues. (Note that once a ticket has been marked to be worked then that ticket is only discussed on the CoP call for the purpose of moving the effort forward.)

New Agenda Items:

  1. Review agenda and add items...
  2. Training Interest Poll (Lois and Garth). HTML markup, CSS, how to edit and manage content, how to debug queries etc.?
  3. Interest in Tribal Areas boundaries on Leaflet Maps?
  4. XML Discussion (Garth). This can include ibis:doc/versions no longer used, XSDs and what is valid, doc site and element definitions.

Continued Agenda Items:

  1. ICD-10 workgroup (Lois)
  2. Adopter support status and priorities (Paul/adopters).
  3. Discuss development funding and development direction (CoP/Lois Survey).
  4. How to handle survey data missing values and sorting (Paul - describe what he did for HI).
  5. Version 3.0 Status (Garth).
  6. Review open tickets (Host).

If Time/Interest?, Future Agenda Items: