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    5454 * Should their be more technical definitions that follow the main help content?
    55551. Interest in reviewing centralized, decentralized, hybrid query module XML files.  This meeting would be a working meeting that walks through the different use cases, and the pros and cons of each.
     561. Determine how best to deal with chart, map, and grids.  This is likely a separate meeting.  Discussion needs to include:
     57 * Centralized file that contains all (likely large and very confusing for admin editors),
     58 * Admin app having a general list for users to select from in query and view with ability to enter custom name for the actual view,
     59 * QMs to include certain chart defs or use the CHART_NAME
     601. Need to go through the QM fields and make consist with IP datasets (another meeting but needs to happen).
    56611. Interest in reviewing and setting up followup meetings for future Version 3.x priorities?  Things like:
    5762 * What is the query to indicator auto update feature and how it should work.  There are several use cases like admin based where a user presses a button to run a saved query to update the indicator dataset values.  Another is to define an indicator dataset and a link to a saved query definition.  This then has questions about caching etc.