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    18181. ICD-10 CM - updates?
    19191. v3.0 Updates:
    20  * Saved Query and Self Registered User UI updates.  Apply query when turned on is only available when a new module is loaded.
     20 * Saved Query and Self Registered User UI demo.
     21 * Apply query demo (note: when turned on it is only available when a new module is loaded).
     22 * Review kendo charts and grid.  This includes interaction between chart and grid, grid export, copy and paste, grouping, drag and drop columns, column options in general, how the admin app and charts.xml file works, adding custom chart definitions for a query module's default chart, and anything else you'd like to know about.
    21231. NM migration progress report (need to discuss effort and time needed dealing with converting content and cleaning up content).
    2224 * nmibis-admin
    2325 * nmibis-view
    2426 * Query Modules
    25 1. Help Needed.  We need help to write appropriate help popup copy and with training videos (see [] for an example).
     271. Help Needed.  We need help to write appropriate help popup copy and with training videos (see [] for an example).  This includes:
     28 * Defining the various users.
     29 * What each of those users would be interested in and what will be their issues with using the site.
     30 * Videos that help you, the adopter, understand things better.
     31 * What buttons or page content sections need help popups. 
     32 * What should be the main leading content for those help popups. 
     33 * Should their be more technical definitions that follow the main help content?
    26341. Interest in reviewing centralized, decentralized, hybrid query module XML files.  This meeting would be a working meeting that walks through the different use cases, and the pros and cons of each.
    27351. Interest in reviewing and setting up followup meetings for future Version 3.x priorities?  Things like:
    3442 * Initiatives (new HP 2020).
    35431. Adopter migration schedule.
     441. Discuss the need for web content development. 
     45 * How much are these content pages being hit? 
     46 * Are low hits because it's not needed or because it's not engaging and/or providing any value to the user?
     47 * Which pages are simply a required page and we really don't care about usefulness?
     48 * How busy are most adopters with simply dealing with the data? 
     49 * Can most content pages can be cleaned up once with little maintenance there after?
     50 * What resources are available?  This includes interns, others within the department or state IT, or outsourcing.
     51 * What can STG help with?  STG can provide the technical assistance on how to implement design.  STG can also help with usability design, graphic creation if needed, and review.