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    9 '''''Monday, June 15, 2020 - 3:00 to 5:00 EST''''' (1:00 to 3:00 PM MST) NM/NJ Hosting.\\
     9'''''Monday, July 20, 2020 - 3:00 to 5:00 EST''''' (1:00 to 3:00 PM MST) NM/NJ Hosting.\\
    1111Dial-in: '''''(‪US‬) ‪+1 (646) 749-3112‬''''' - Meeting ID/Access Code:  '''''973-631-485#‬'''''
    17171. Review agenda and add items as needed...
    18181. v3.0 Updates:
    19  * Added a MEASURE_TITLE_OVERRIDE into the indicator profiles and query module configurations.  This is basically the old 2.3 Y_TITLE functionality.  This is needed to avoid having to create hundreds of different measures to allow for unique value titles.
    20  * Query module updates that include using centralized admin based XML files like dimensions, ancillary values, measures, and value attributes.
    21  * Latest Spring Security which includes ability to have secure passwords on self registered users and db users.
     19 * Query module updates that include using centralized admin based XML files with ability to only include named dimensions so that special dimension xml files can be defined as needed per module XML file.
     20 * Saved Query and Self Registered User UI updates.
    22211. NM migration progress report (need to discuss effort and time needed dealing with converting content and cleaning up content).
    2322 * nmibis-admin
    26251. Help Needed.  We need help to write appropriate help popup copy and with training videos.
    27261. Version 3 adopters need to take inventory of their static pages.  These pages should be heavily scrutinized considerations like the value of the page, how much is it being used, why is it not being used, resources needed to make it useful, resources needed to maintain, and website requirements.  We can discuss scenarios. 
    28 1. ICD-10 CM - updates
    29 1. Review of Version 3.  The initial v3 release was going to mainly be an admin backend data release with basic view app conversion to the new structure and latest dependent libraries.  Due to COVID-19 and testing time constraints more functionality has been included in this release.  Here's a non inclusive high level list of what version 3 currently includes:
    30  - All report page types have been reviewed and many updated to increase usability.
    31  - Simplified site navigation with cleaner and simpler web site layout.
    32  - Easier to read text blocks with more white space.
    33  - Cleaned up consistent titles with less jargon.
    34  - Where applicable consistent top of page control options.
    35  - More visually engaging Health Topic pages.
    36  - More integrated indicator to topic associations.
    37  - New Interactive Summary Indicator Reports.
    38  - New community Health Profile report.
    39  - Multiple Indicator Report indexes with filtering.
    40  - Introduction videos for the different site content and different users.
    41  - More help popups/content for admin and view pages.
    42  - Content blocks for query results and indicator reports.  This allows IBIS or non IBIS websites to make requests to consume IBIS visualizations and content (think story pages).
    43  - Better options for splitting and managing content.
    44  - Most icons are now implemented using fonts and SVG.  This allows for easy color changes and resizing/scaling via CSS.
    45  - and of course all the backend database changes that clean up kludged data usage and lay the footings for standardized query module and indicator dataset structures.
     271. All adopters should routinely run a website link checker to verify that their pages do not have broken links.  If dead or broken links are found they should be fixed or removed from the page.
     281. ICD-10 CM - updates?
     291. Review and discuss future Version 3.x priorities.  Things like:
     30 * What is the query to indicator auto update feature and how it should work.  There are several use cases like admin based where a user presses a button to run a saved query to update the indicator dataset values.  Another is to define an indicator dataset and a link to a saved query definition.  This then has questions about caching etc.
     31 * Side by side maps.
     32 * Heat map layers to capture different results on a single map.
     33 * New user interface to allow users ability to control map choropleths, charts, and exporting data.
     34 * New user interface to allow users the ability define their own indicator reports and save those definitions.
     35 * Development funding.
     361. Adopter migration schedule.