CoP Call Agenda

IBIS-PH is website web application software that allows the public (primarily health practitioners) to access to publicly-owned health data. The IBIS-PH Community of Practice (CoP) is the stakeholder group for this software. These stakeholders are often adopters of the software but being an adopter is not a requirement to being a CoP participate. Any and all that are interested in dissemination of publish health data are encouraged to network with each other for the betterment of all.

Historically, monthly CoP conference calls were held to allow the CoP members to communicate with each other and with the IBIS-PH contractors who provide software support and development. As of August 2021 there are no planned CoP calls due Covid work load recovery. Future calls will be determined on as needed/desired basis. Adopters and those wishing to inquire about IBIS are encouraged to contact an adopter or Software Technology Group (STG).

Commercial software support is still available through STG and now includes Lois Haggard and Kim Neerings (two long time Epidemiologist with many years of IBIS experience). The "Version 3" software has been fully tested, refined and was released Spring 2022. Since the spring release several other smaller releases have been completed. Future software enhancements and maintenance updates are dependent on adopters providing development funding.

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