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Responsive Menu Option

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The site has a different layout for their responsive site nav menu. Check it out with a small window. What it does is show the menu contents in a scrollable window. This would be fairly easy to do for an adopter that wants this type of behavior.

Note that the standard IBIS way of doing such a menu is to scroll the entire page when selecting a responsive type menu item.


  • The user can scroll the menu easier on small devices via scrolling the entire webpage (which is where the responsive menu is used).
  • Typically users are scrolling the menu because they are about to leave the page anyway so the USET advantage is not really 100% useful in all cases.


  • The advantage to the USET approach is that the menu can be scrolled with the page content not having to be scrolled. So users that are just checking out the options *might* be better served - as long as they can effectively scroll the menu on their small device.

Either way this functionality is not a huge effort and is doable if someone wants it.

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