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Proxy variables are needed in IBIS 2.3 query application URL

Reported by: Tong Zheng Owned by: Tong
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Component: View-App Version: 2.3
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Proxy variables are gone from the query application URL on IBIS 2.3. It causes two problems:

  1. Customized age, year, diagnosis ICD codes etc..
  2. Dynamic grouped year groups and age groups.

IBIS 2.2 is working fine. Cgi app gets the info from this URL and regroup year/age etc.. http://hlcbsas/cgi-bin/hi_iq_func2.1?config=%2Fsrv%2Fibis-q%2Fmodules%2Fmort%2FMort_CV.cfg&sas=0&func=CrudeRate_cv.def&YearProxy=YearGrp5_99-Pres&YearGrp5_99-Pres=2004-2008&CauseDeathProxy=ICDNCHS50&AgeGrpProxy=AgeGrp11&GeoProxy=GeoLHD&cross1=YearProxy

IBIS 2.3 is not working because the proxy didn't get passed to query URL. The cgi app can't process regrouping:


The value of YearGrp5_99-Pres=2004-2008

doesn’t exist in dataset. Cgi app does need "YearProxy?" to regroup those years on backend. The query result gets this error message:


Invalid data type for cross variable. 3


In one case, IBIS 2.3 query url would work with no proxy passed when there is no need to regroup variables on backend. eg,


Year value "2013" is coded in dataset and no need to regroup. Therefore, all single years and predefined age and diagnosis groups work fine.

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comment:1 Changed 8 years ago by Tong Zheng

I tried on New Mexico test site: for the proxy variable problem. I found an issue same as Utah. This is the url:\ibisq\qModules\mort\Mort13.cfg&sas=0&test=0&func=NM_CrudeRateFrame.def&GeoRes=1&Year9=2011-2013&cross1=Year9

I am just making sure this is not only an Utah specific problem.

comment:2 Changed 8 years ago by Tong Zheng

Garth has fixed and passed the Proxy to url. - Tong

comment:3 Changed 8 years ago by Tong Zheng

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