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Query Dataset Measure's Navigation Options

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Add left nav menu selections, popup, or a section within the builder/result page that allows the user to choose that modules' other related configurations (in most cases measures). Currently the user has to go back to the main selection page and choose the module and the measure. The sticky saved query feature could be used to persist user selections between measure/config changes so that the user could easily switch between measures and not have to make changes to their selections.

Some query modules have many configurations/measures so in those cases we'd need something to allow them to scroll or the module could be broken up. It appears that on average there are 20 configs per module/data definition file with survey related modules having 100+. In cases where there are 5 or less these could be added to the left nav menu. In cases where there are 10-20 they could be put in an expandable section. For all others it would be difficult due to navigation. Another issue is that the XSLT code only includes the current configuration as to cut down on memory consumption for those large module files. These large files might be good candidates to be refactored into smaller more self contained files. This also lessens the configuration exclusions that need to be done for those large files.

Example for a smaller module: Utah's Birth module. It has:

  • Count
  • Birth Rate
  • Fertility Rate
  • General Fert Rate
  • Total Fert Rate

The UI would have either left nav popout that lists all 5 options or a section within the page that lists all of that datasets's availble measures etc. This is akin to "other views" or "related indicators" on the IP side.

So if I'm on the birth module and I selected the count measure along with some filtering criteria and I wanted to see the associated fert rate all I'd have to do is choose "fert rate" from the leftnav popout or "other measures" section and it would run the query with the new configuration but same selections.

If I'm a user it seems like it would be frustrating having to go back to the main selection page, selecting a different measure and then reselecting all the same criteria again just to change from count to rate. But maybe our query users are know what they want and are only after 1 selection - e.g. not doing a study or exploring etc.?

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