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Map Enhancements

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Rather than creating 15 or so tickets, here's a list of map enhancements. Feel free to add to this list we'll break into separate tickets as needed.

  • If more than 1 dimension, need to allow user to set the other "n" dimension value to be held constant. This same code should apply to charts - if 3d data and 2d chart then 1 constant, if pie (i.e. 1d chart and 2d or 3d data) then need to hold 1 or 2 constant just like with maps.
  • Allow query builder (and other geo selections) users to pick an area (areas) with AUTHORITY checking etc.
  • Editor defined layers. Current proposed solution is to use named map configurations. Other more elaborate solutions will take lots of time. Same goes for high chart customization.
  • Adding layers based on request context - eg. maybe some Q or IP's will want different layers. Maybe some CP will want custom layers.
  • Dynamically loading/unloading overlay layers - if needed for performance.
  • context/user defined color ramps - see named maps above
  • High low same - see the CP report. then combine the inner two for same.
  • Use leaflet ajax stuff instead of jquery
  • use leaflet extend instead of jquery's extend
  • Refactor with events/listeners to lessen dependencies
  • hook into chart and data table mouse events
  • Geo Search works but needs backend...
  • Locate Me neat but not sure value????
  • labels for layers - tiles to scale, geojson for text. possibly have code control layer based on zoom
  • mouse over info for non choro layers
  • context menus for non choro layers
  • download context menu option for overlays
  • overlay zindex
  • slider for choro layer transparancy

opactity - have code that auto sets the mouse over opacity - if choro opacity < .5 then mouse over opacity = 1- (0.5 - choro opacity) == choro opacity + 0.5 else if choro opacity < .75 mouse op = choro op - 0.5 else mouse op = choro op - 0.75

  • Pauls tile caching
  • geojson download
  • export png or pdf
  • download choro svg
  • download choro as csv or excel etc.
  • geostats metadata to display in a popup etc.

* Most of the above are not trivial tasks - each has the potential to be a major effort e.g. 1+ weeks / item.

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