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Query Module Configuration Base XML Includes For Generic Dimension Naming

Reported by: Garth Braithwaite Owned by: Adopter
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Component: Content Version: 3.0
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Need ability to handle generic dimension names to facilitate data comparisons.

For query modules to be able to use generic dimension names a query module developer needs to use different dimension definitions according to the user selected configuration.

SOLUTION: Added an enhanced “ibis:include” template that processes a list of configuration names. This allows a query module developer to specify which configuration name(s) are associated with the ibis:include. If the "configuration-name-list" attribute exists then the selected, current configuration name MUST match a name in the list. If no list attribute is specified then the include mechanism will work as normal with that file being included for all configuration names within that query module file. The list attribute can contain one configuration name or a list of comma and/or space separated configuration names.

This provides a new mechanism to control dimension and section inclusions and allows common DIMENSION/NAME to be implemented within a given query module file that has multiple configurations with each configuration needing a different dimension value list. Put another way this provides a way to have commonly named dimensions that was not otherwise possible using the exclusion mechanism.

TESTING: 1) change all included DIMENSION NAME to a common value. Do NOT change the dimension filename. 2) add the configuration-name-list attribute to the associated ibis:include with the value being a list of configuration names within that module XML file that will use that dimension. 3) remove/edit the configuration's exclusion(s) that were previously defined. 4) verify that the selections appear as they should.

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