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Documentation: Easy steps to upload to Trac

Reported by: Maria Baron Owned by: Maria
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Can someone who knows how to upload to the repository please write up a short How To document that doesn't include everything else you always/never wanted to know about TortoiseSVN? Assume TortoiseSVN is already downloaded and ready to go and that the repository and its structure have already been created, please. Assume the user has no specific IT or computer science background and just knows how to do basic computery things. I just need to know the fancy SVN equivalent of Select - Copy - Paste. Thanks

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comment:1 Changed 7 years ago by Garth Braithwaite

If this is still an issue we can create a simple video - provided someone is willing to fund it.

comment:2 Changed 6 years ago by Maria Baron

The routine stuff like adding a new file (from an existing folder) or committing such a file or an edited old file is OK.

My problem is when I'm starting a new dataset query and need to download from core, Utah, or NM's part of the repo and get all the little green checkmarks to show up and upload it to NJ's area of the repo (without accidentally putting it into the original state's area!!!) and all that. Each time I do it, I have to use trial and error and cross my fingers that I don't screw up someone else's work. Or I give up and have Paul L. help me.

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