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Lets investigate upgrading to latest Trac

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Would it be useful to upgrade to the latest Trac. I'm using actual email addresses in the cc: field. I've read somewhere that you could use trac-userids, but according to Kim that doesn't work, let's see if this works.

Utah UDOH IT staff have installed and updated the latest trac version.

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Not sure if any of you received the email notification. I did not. If you have, sorry if you are getting more notification, as I noticed the CC remains, and I've not added me to cc.

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I have included myself in the cc, and am not getting notified. I'm wondering if there is a configuration issue with the server. I have found the following: a description of Trac Notification - see partial below the trac config file - look under [Notification] these are the configurations that need to be set so notifcation works

Description of Notification, and configuration If it is configured, there is also helpful how-to-debug info under troubleshooting

Notification is disabled by default in trac.ini

Configuring SMTP Notification ¶ Configuration Options These are the available options for the [notification] section in trac.ini. •smtp_enabled: Enable email notification. •smtp_server: SMTP server used for notification messages. •smtp_user: (since 0.9) User name for authentication SMTP account. •smtp_password: (since 0.9) Password for authentication SMTP account. •smtp_from: Email address to use for Sender-headers in notification emails. •smtp_replyto: Email address to use for Reply-To-headers in notification emails. •smtp_default_domain: (since 0.10) Append the specified domain to addresses that do not contain one. Fully qualified addresses are not modified. The default domain is appended to all username/login for which an email address cannot be found from the user settings. •smtp_always_cc: List of email addresses to always send notifications to. Typically used to post ticket changes to a dedicated mailing list. •smtp_always_bcc: (since 0.10) List of email addresses to always send notifications to, but keeps addresses not visible from other recipients of the notification email •always_notify_reporter: Always send notifications to any address in the reporter field. •always_notify_owner: (since 0.9) Always send notifications to the address in the owner field. •always_notify_updater: (since 0.10) Always send a notification to the updater of a ticket. •use_public_cc: (since 0.10) Addresses in To: (owner, reporter) and Cc: lists are visible by all recipients (default is Bcc: - hidden copy). •use_short_addr: (since 0.10) Enable delivery of notifications to addresses that do not contain a domain (i.e. do not end with @<>).This option is useful for intranets, where the SMTP server can handle local addresses and map the username/login to a local mailbox. See also smtp_default_domain. Do not use this option with a public SMTP server. •mime_encoding: (since 0.10) E-mail notifications are always sent in 7-bit mode. This option allows to select the MIME encoding scheme. Supported values:

◦base64: default value, works with any kind of content. May cause some issues with touchy anti-spam/anti-virus engines. ◦qp or quoted-printable: best for european languages (more compact than base64), not recommended for non-ASCII text (less compact than base64)

◦none: no encoding. Use with plain english only (ASCII). E-mails with non-ASCII chars won't be delivered.

Either smtp_from or smtp_replyto (or both) must be set, otherwise Trac refuses to send notification mails.

There are some decisions to be made as to how to configure...

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Finally if we do decide to upgrade, the release notes for .11 and .12 are here. This tells you what is new/fixed in the upgrade

And the how to install, and any issues going from say .10 to .12 are discussed here

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