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Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
*High #179 View-App Indicator Series Name in Title? Community Lois Haggard 06/11/12
+Medium #367 View-App $indicator/HEALTHY_PEOPLE_OBJECTIVE_NAME Lois Haggard 06/12/18
-Low #308 Admin-App Ability to sort list of related indicators Kim Neerings 11/16/15
Unknown #359 View-App Wiki formatting for Community Snapshot Reports community, wiki, snapshot Kim Neerings 06/21/17
Unknown #360 Admin-App Map doesn't show in complete indicator profile map, indicator, full report view Maria Baron 06/22/17
Unknown #361 View-App Kendo Charts Issue if DIMENSION/SORT_ORDER specified without values being unique Garth Braithwaite 06/28/17
Unknown #362 View-App Statistical stability column missing from Excel output Lois Haggard 09/08/17
Unknown #363 Docs-App Update https://trac.ibisph.org/trac/wiki/HowToInstallIBIS Paul Leo 11/13/17
Unknown #364 View-App Query Measure NOT_SELECTABLE_FLAG having unintended consequences NOT_SELECTABLE_FLAG Lois Haggard 01/03/18
Unknown #371 IBIS-Q EPHT Dual Query TongZheng_UT 01/09/19
Unknown #373 Admin-App Delete Orphaned IPV Dims when removed from IP Dataset Dims GarthBraithwaite_STG 12/13/19
Unknown #374 Admin-App Default Ancillary Value GarthBraithwaite_STG 12/13/19
Unknown #375 Admin-App Multiple Datasets with Same Dimension Structure Assigned to IP View GarthBraithwaite_STG 12/16/19
Unknown #376 Admin-App Delete Orphaned Dataset Records GarthBraithwaite_STG 12/26/19
Unknown #377 View-App North Dakota would like ability to download Health Profiles to excel Paul Leo 01/03/20
Unknown #378 View-App North Dakota would like 4 category comparison (Poor, Average, Good, Excellent) for community profiles Paul Leo 01/03/20
Unknown #379 View-App Interface and Code to allow user to reset password GarthBraithwaite_STG 06/11/20
Unknown #380 Admin-App Turn on selected Admin menu items as read-only LoisHaggard_NM 06/29/20
Unknown #312 View-App Indicator report references Lois Haggard 12/30/15
*High Garth #331 View-App Breadcrumb path partially hidden matt 07/15/16
-Low Adopter #229 Content Query Module Configuration Base XML Includes For Generic Dimension Naming Garth Braithwaite 12/19/12
-Low Testing #204 Admin-App Admin app text length suggestions admin Lois Haggard 06/27/12

3.0 - Analysis and Design (1 match)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
-Low #349 View-App Sortable community snapshots Maria Baron 01/11/17

3.0 - Development (2 matches)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
Unknown #298 View-App Have the capability to have a a static page for an indicator Paul Leo 07/15/15
Unknown #348 View-App Saved Secure Queries Garth Braithwaite 12/01/16

3.0 - Feature Set Definition (11 matches)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
*High #73 View-App Community Report Overviews Community, highlights, snapshot Lois Haggard 09/15/10
*High #181 View-App Multiple indicator views in same community report Community Lois Haggard 06/11/12
*High #182 View-App Multiple versions of Health Highlights and PHOM reports Community, PHOM, highlights Lois Haggard 06/11/12
*High #183 View-App Snapshot Report Icon Graphics Community Lois Haggard 06/11/12
+Medium #51 View-App Integrate/Associate Query Module Configuration(s) with Indicator Profile Reports query indicator integration Garth Braithwaite 04/15/08
Unknown #77 View-App Include only community, state and U.S. on CHH graph Community, highlights Lois Haggard 09/15/10
Unknown #241 View-App Tighter Integration - Topics, IP, QM, Publications, Metadata Garth Braithwaite 05/28/13
Unknown #277 View-App DIMENSION Metadata and Comparison Garth Braithwaite 09/18/14
Unknown #281 View-App Add Display Label field to Dataset Series for Indicator Reports indicator, label, series, category Kim Neerings 09/24/14
Unknown #302 View-App IBISQ Embedded Value Characters To Flag Special Meanings Garth Braithwaite 08/28/15
Unknown #323 View-App Criteria Exclusions at the Query/Module level Lois Haggard 03/15/16

3.0 - Testing (3 matches)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
-Low Maria #327 View-App xslt\html\query\module\result\Result.xslt Maria Baron 05/16/16
-Low Testing #321 Admin-App Admin indicator main page comes back empty after preview Lois Haggard 02/08/16
Unknown Lois #320 View-App Community Snapshot Selection Page typo Lois Haggard 02/03/16

Adopter Support (6 matches)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
+Medium #295 View-App Secure query css, xslt Lois Haggard 05/14/15
Unknown #370 View-App NJ Municipality Maps Maria Baron 12/19/18
Unknown #315 View-App Update Legend on Map Application map, legend, label, range matt 01/12/16
Unknown #316 View-App Reverse color scheme on map application map, color, scheme, legend matt 01/12/16
Unknown #317 View-App Change default map on map application map, basemap, application, open cycle, thunder forest matt 01/12/16
Unknown Maria #292 View-App IE hates NJSHAD browser, IE Maria Baron 03/12/15

Needs Analysis (47 matches)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
*High #39 View-App View System Output Options (PDF, MS-Excel) Community Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
*High #101 View-App Replace AgileBlox graphing Garth Braithwaite 11/09/10
*High Garth Braithwaite #341 View-App PDFs of indicator reports and query results PDF Maria Baron 10/20/16
+Medium #357 View-App Using <ADD_MISSING_QUERY_RESULT_RECORDS><ALL_FLAG/> in query configuration throws uncaught exception Paul Leo 06/13/17
+Medium #107 View-App Data-driven Cat Index categorized index Lois Haggard 11/30/10
+Medium #130 Admin-App HP2020, HP2010, CSTE indicator pick list objectives Lois Haggard 08/04/11
+Medium #346 View-App Map text when map is not an option in query Map, text, query Tong Zheng 11/17/16
+Medium Lois #301 View-App Have Title on Map and Data Table for Queries Paul Leo 08/17/15
+Medium Tong and Kim #239 Content UT Content - Query Module Dimension Names & PDFs Garth Braithwaite 05/06/13
+Medium Paul Leo #243 IBIS-Q IbisQ Issues Paul Leo 07/17/13
+Medium Tong Zheng #233 IBIS-Q Complementary Cell Suppression cell suppression Maria Baron 03/01/13
-Low #32 View-App New IBIS-Q XML Data Structure for Community Profiles and Indicator Profiles indicator database Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #33 Admin-App Update Admin App's DB Structure and UI for IBIS-Q "Dataset" Centric Structure indicator database Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #48 IBIS-Q Query Module Regression Testing Garth Braithwaite 03/06/08
-Low #92 Admin-App Categorized Index maintenance page categorized index, admin Lois Haggard 10/28/10
-Low #127 Admin-App Indicator Cascade Delete indicator database Lois Haggard 06/27/11
-Low #128 Admin-App Create Administrator DB scripts to use foreign keys indicator database Lois Haggard 06/27/11
-Low #256 View-App Printer Friendly Community Snapshot Report problem Snapshot, printer-friendly kathie 05/02/14
-Low Garth #344 View-App Kendo charts with small numbers Maria Baron 11/03/16
-Low Garth #347 View-App My Data Login page and Secure Data Login page use same xslt Paul Leo 11/30/16
-Low Lois #169 View-App Presentation of Query Selections query selection Lois Haggard 04/17/12
-Low utah #253 Repository SVN to GIT Garth Braithwaite 01/29/14
Unknown #358 View-App Kendo row limit kendo Maria Baron 06/19/17
Unknown #366 View-App ibisph-view.log rolling not working when context is root Paul Leo 05/25/18
Unknown #368 Admin-App Permit Initiatives Target Values as a line on an Indicator View TBD 3.x Paul Leo 12/04/18
Unknown #369 View-App Contextual format around saved queries/embed saved query into Indicators format, saved query, contextual information KimNeerings_UT 12/17/18
Unknown #93 Admin-App "Delete" Buttons on Left Nav Lois Haggard 10/28/10
Unknown #94 Admin-App List/Display Dependent Indicators Lois Haggard 10/28/10
Unknown #105 View-App Community Reports index/TOC Section Headings Community, highlights Lois Haggard 11/24/10
Unknown #123 IBIS-Q IBIS-Q Issue with Blank Custom User Defined Groups query builder Garth Braithwaite 06/04/11
Unknown #141 Admin-App multiple and view-specific HP objectives HP2010, healthy people, HP2020, HP, objective Kim Neerings 09/15/11
Unknown #145 View-App Multi-database query capability multi-database query, side-by-side graphs Kathy/Navina 09/20/11
Unknown #171 Admin-App Indicator Profile Set Reports Definition Admin Interface admin Garth Braithwaite 05/08/12
Unknown #173 Admin-App Move Indicator Data to View Level or Add a Topic Container For Indicator Profiles query indicator integration Garth Braithwaite 05/08/12
Unknown #196 Admin-App Indicator Profile Meta Data - Add EPHT Fields indicator output, objectives Garth Braithwaite 06/12/12
Unknown #205 Admin-App Admin app Available Services page text box title admin, view Lois Haggard 06/27/12
Unknown #224 View-App Paragraph seperator and hyperlink in "Data Note" and "Data Source" Tong Zheng 10/11/12
Unknown #227 View-App Query Module Reports for adopters using security features Lois Haggard 11/19/12
Unknown #231 View-App Query Builder User Defined Free Text Input Validation Garth Braithwaite 01/15/13
Unknown #279 Admin-App More specific roles in Admin admin, role Kim Neerings 09/23/14
Unknown #280 Admin-App Graph values table too big graph values, data table Kim Neerings 09/23/14
Unknown #289 View-App How to handle COV/RSE ? Lois Haggard 02/02/15
Unknown #290 View-App Flexibility for Alternate Measures Lois Haggard 02/02/15
Unknown #291 View-App TEXT_DISPLAY element/attribute for query measures Lois Haggard 02/02/15
Unknown #306 Admin-App New field in Admin DB to indicate a view as being EPHT-required Kim Neerings 11/16/15
Unknown #307 View-App PHOM and Community reports more dynamic Kim Neerings 11/16/15
Unknown #332 View-App IBIS Admin does not deactivate indicator views matt 07/15/16

Unassigned (8 matches)

Priority Owner Ticket Component Summary Keywords Reporter Created
*High #247 View-App Unpublished indicators still shown in related indicator links indicator Kim Neerings 10/07/13
-Low #15 IBIS-Q Single spaces in IBIS-Q config file Lois Haggard 12/10/07
-Low #27 View-App Finish Artifacted Files Mechanism Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #29 View-App Adobe SVG Viewer Not Supported graphing Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #37 IBIS-Q IBIS-Q and View to handle 'n' dimensions Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #38 Admin-App Admin user interface to build XML module files Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #40 Admin-App View and Admin App Control - Reload Spring Beans, Reload App(s), Clearing Cache Garth Braithwaite 02/07/08
-Low #124 View-App DOM4J XPath Issue source code Garth Braithwaite 06/04/11
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