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Milestone Priority Component Type Ticket Reporter Owner Created Modified Summary Keywords
3.0 - Development *High View-App Issue #381 Paul Leo GarthBraitwaite_STG 12/23/21 12/23/21 Review/Retire use of mail creation of user logins for saved queries
3.0 - Testing -Low Admin-App Defect #321 Lois Haggard Testing 02/08/16 03/21/16 Admin indicator main page comes back empty after preview
3.0 - Testing -Low View-App Issue #327 Maria Baron Maria 05/16/16 05/16/16 xslt\html\query\module\result\Result.xslt
3.0 - Testing Unknown View-App Defect #320 Lois Haggard Lois 02/03/16 05/16/16 Community Snapshot Selection Page typo
Adopter Support Unknown View-App Adopter Support #292 Maria Baron Maria 03/12/15 05/19/15 IE hates NJSHAD browser, IE
Needs Analysis *High View-App Defect #341 Maria Baron Garth Braithwaite 10/20/16 12/12/16 PDFs of indicator reports and query results PDF
Needs Analysis +Medium IBIS-Q Enhancement #233 Maria Baron Tong Zheng 03/01/13 01/12/16 Complementary Cell Suppression cell suppression
Needs Analysis +Medium Content Adopter Support #239 Garth Braithwaite Tong and Kim 05/06/13 11/19/13 UT Content - Query Module Dimension Names & PDFs
Needs Analysis +Medium IBIS-Q Issue #243 Paul Leo Paul Leo 07/17/13 01/12/16 IbisQ Issues
Needs Analysis +Medium View-App Enhancement #301 Paul Leo Lois 08/17/15 11/16/15 Have Title on Map and Data Table for Queries
Needs Analysis -Low Repository Task #253 Garth Braithwaite utah 01/29/14 01/12/16 SVN to GIT
Needs Analysis -Low View-App Issue #344 Maria Baron Garth 11/03/16 12/12/16 Kendo charts with small numbers
Needs Analysis -Low View-App Enhancement #347 Paul Leo Garth 11/30/16 12/12/16 My Data Login page and Secure Data Login page use same xslt
Unassigned -Low Repository Adopter Support #208 Maria Baron Maria 07/11/12 01/11/16 Documentation: Easy steps to upload to Trac upload, commit, check in
Unassigned -Low Java Adopter Support #260 Maria Baron Garth Braithwaite 07/21/14 11/16/15 NJ's email wrapper
Unassigned -Low Admin-App Issue #314 Paul Leo Testing 12/31/15 03/21/16 ibisph-admin v 2.3 - when viewing Graph Specifications and clicking on Resources & Refs, URL takes you no wher
Unassigned Unknown View-App Adopter Support #304 Maria Baron Maria 10/02/15 01/11/16 General BRFSS query help needed query, BRFSS
Unassigned Unknown View-App Enhancement #328 Tong Zheng Tong Zheng 05/17/16 07/11/16 High-Low-Same Map Configuration map, high low same
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