{1} New Tickets for CoP Review (Unassigned, non Parking Lot) (37 matches)

  • This report is what the CoP should use on their conference call. The group should review all the new tickets and make a general determination. This list is similar to the "open tickets" report but differs in that it only lists tickets that have not yet been assigned to a version# or milestone.
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Priority Component Type Ticket Summary Reporter Created Keywords
Unknown Admin-App Enhancement #372 Add wiki formatting to community reports Paul Leo 03/04/19
Unknown View-App Enhancement #351 Responsive Menu Option Garth Braithwaite 01/12/17
Unknown View-App Enhancement #350 Jump to Top of Page Garth Braithwaite 01/12/17
Unknown View-App Unknown #340 Some results in a Kendo grid (table) are not displayed correctly when using chrome web browser Paul Leo 10/17/16
Unknown View-App Enhancement #339 Kendo Grid for HTML Tables Garth Braithwaite 10/03/16
-Low View-App Adopter Support #338 Tomcat console errors, not causing a problem? Lois Haggard 09/19/16
Unknown View-App Unknown #337 RSS and geoRSS services Lois Haggard 08/31/16
Unknown View-App Issue #334 HDDB and ED module Select diagnosis Step "User-defined ICD-9 diagnosis or E codes - any diagnosis code or E code" Tong Zheng 08/22/16
Unknown View-App Issue #333 Output to Excel glitch in Windows10 Lois Haggard 07/28/16
Unknown View-App Enhancement #328 High-Low-Same Map Configuration Tong Zheng 05/17/16 map, high low same
Unknown IBIS-Q Enhancement #326 <VALUE_IF_SELECTED_DIMENSIONS> and <VALUE_IF_SELECTED_GROUP_BYS> work together Tong Zheng 04/08/16
Unknown View-App Adopter Support #325 left nav button links to my saved query definitions Lois Haggard 03/21/16
Unknown View-App Task #324 Saved Query Training Videos Garth Braithwaite 03/18/16
-Low View-App Enhancement #322 Indicator List Page - sort by publish date Lois Haggard 02/09/16
Unknown View-App Enhancement #318 Improve printing display and output matt 01/12/16 print, printing, output, truncate, map, table
Unknown View-App Issue #310 CP HL Single Page and Full Report IP XML structs SYNC Issue Garth Braithwaite 12/10/15
Unknown View-App Issue #299 May want separate input validation strings (1) for user defined query, (2) for saved query Paul Leo 07/15/15
Unknown View-App Enhancement #275 Ability to control maximum axis value Kim Neerings 09/08/14 chart, y-axis
Unknown View-App Enhancement #274 Use desired values field to determine map color direction Kim Neerings 09/08/14 map, color, desired values
Unknown View-App Enhancement #271 Query Dataset Measure's Navigation Options Garth Braithwaite 08/29/14
Unknown View-App Enhancement #267 Map Enhancements Garth Braithwaite 08/19/14
Unknown View-App Enhancement #257 Add Legend Title to Indicator Graph Views Kim Neerings 05/19/14 legend, indicator
Unknown View-App Unknown #250 3-D graphic display on IBIS query SURVEY modules Tong Zheng 11/20/13
-Low Repository Adopter Support #208 Documentation: Easy steps to upload to Trac Maria Baron 07/11/12 upload, commit, check in
Unknown View-App Unknown #195 Dynamic, User-defined Quick Facts Page Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community
Unknown View-App Unknown #193 Saved Query to Admin DB Indicator View Values Table Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community
Unknown View-App Unknown #190 Snapshot Report "Additional Content" (Step 3) Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community, snapshot
Unknown View-App Unknown #189 Community Report Breadcrumbs Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community
Unknown View-App Unknown #188 Highlights Report Trend Graphs Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community, highlights
Unknown View-App Unknown #187 Community Profile User-defined Indicator Sets (or subsets, anyway) Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community, highlights, snapshot
Unknown View-App Unknown #186 Indicator view values that are not graphed Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community
Unknown View-App Unknown #185 Secure Indicator Views for Community Reports Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community, secure indicator
Unknown View-App Unknown #184 Community Report Comparison Values Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community
Unknown View-App Unknown #178 Community Dimensions element in two places Lois Haggard 06/11/12 Community, highlights, snapshot
Unknown View-App Unknown #172 Complete All Pages PHOM Report Garth Braithwaite 05/08/12 Community, PHOM
Unknown View-App Enhancement #153 Add peer county data to Community Reports Eleanor Howell 11/09/11 Community
Unknown View-App Enhancement #132 Printable Community Reports Lois Haggard 08/22/11 Community
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