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#286 Fixed hi_iq_func.exe in trunk ( for version 2.3) does not run correctly Paul Leo

Saved hi_iq_func.exe to apache webserver cgi-bin directory. Pointed browser directly at cgi-bin/hi_iq_func.exe, and got a 500 error from web server. When I pointed my browser at the 2.2 version of hi_iq_func.exe I got the anticipated: ERROR--2: Can not open configure file.

The Apache web server error for what it's worth is: Premature end of script headers

#285 Fixed Add NAME element to SELECTION structure Garth Braithwaite

This has been added to the XSD but code can be implemented to utilize. For example the categorized IP index can be easily coded to start at a sub selection. Other uses are that you can select sub sets of selections for other uses.

#284 Fixed Proxy variables are needed in IBIS 2.3 query application URL Tong Tong Zheng

Proxy variables are gone from the query application URL on IBIS 2.3. It causes two problems:

  1. Customized age, year, diagnosis ICD codes etc..
  2. Dynamic grouped year groups and age groups.

IBIS 2.2 is working fine. Cgi app gets the info from this URL and regroup year/age etc.. http://hlcbsas/cgi-bin/hi_iq_func2.1?config=%2Fsrv%2Fibis-q%2Fmodules%2Fmort%2FMort_CV.cfg&sas=0&func=CrudeRate_cv.def&YearProxy=YearGrp5_99-Pres&YearGrp5_99-Pres=2004-2008&CauseDeathProxy=ICDNCHS50&AgeGrpProxy=AgeGrp11&GeoProxy=GeoLHD&cross1=YearProxy

IBIS 2.3 is not working because the proxy didn't get passed to query URL. The cgi app can't process regrouping:


The value of YearGrp5_99-Pres=2004-2008

doesn’t exist in dataset. Cgi app does need "YearProxy?" to regroup those years on backend. The query result gets this error message:


Invalid data type for cross variable. 3


In one case, IBIS 2.3 query url would work with no proxy passed when there is no need to regroup variables on backend. eg,


Year value "2013" is coded in dataset and no need to regroup. Therefore, all single years and predefined age and diagnosis groups work fine.

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