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#39 View System Output Options (PDF, MS-Excel) Enhancement *High View-App Parking Lot
#101 Replace AgileBlox Enhancement *High View-App Unknown
#341 PDFs of indicator reports and query results Garth Braithwaite Defect *High View-App Unknown
#107 Data-driven Cat Index Enhancement +Medium View-App Parking Lot
#130 HP2020, HP2010, CSTE indicator pick list Enhancement +Medium Admin-App Unknown
#233 Complementary Cell Suppression Tong Zheng Enhancement +Medium IBIS-Q 3.0
#239 UT Content - Query Module Dimension Names & PDFs Tong and Kim Adopter Support +Medium Content 2.3
#243 IbisQ Issues Paul Leo Issue +Medium IBIS-Q 2.4
#301 Have Title on Map and Data Table for Queries Lois Enhancement +Medium View-App 3.0
#346 Map text when map is not an option in query Enhancement +Medium View-App Unknown
#357 Using <ADD_MISSING_QUERY_RESULT_RECORDS><ALL_FLAG/> in query configuration throws uncaught exception Issue +Medium View-App 2.3
#32 New IBIS-Q XML Data Structure for Community Profiles and Indicator Profiles Enhancement -Low View-App Unknown
#33 Update Admin App's DB Structure and UI for IBIS-Q "Dataset" Centric Structure Enhancement -Low Admin-App Unknown
#48 Query Module Regression Testing Enhancement -Low IBIS-Q Parking Lot
#92 Categorized Index maintenance page Enhancement -Low Admin-App Unknown
#127 Indicator Cascade Delete Enhancement -Low Admin-App Unknown
#128 Create Administrator DB scripts to use foreign keys Enhancement -Low Admin-App Unknown
#169 Presentation of Query Selections Lois Enhancement -Low View-App Parking Lot
#253 SVN to GIT utah Task -Low Repository Unknown
#256 Printer Friendly Community Snapshot Report problem Issue -Low View-App Unknown
#344 Kendo charts with small numbers Garth Issue -Low View-App Unknown
#347 My Data Login page and Secure Data Login page use same xslt Garth Enhancement -Low View-App
#93 "Delete" Buttons on Left Nav Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#94 List/Display Dependent Indicators Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#105 Community Reports index/TOC Section Headings Enhancement Unknown View-App 3.1
#123 IBIS-Q Issue with Blank Custom User Defined Groups Issue Unknown IBIS-Q Unknown
#141 multiple and view-specific HP objectives Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#145 Multi-database query capability Enhancement Unknown View-App Unknown
#171 Indicator Profile Set Reports Definition Admin Interface Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#173 Move Indicator Data to View Level or Add a Topic Container For Indicator Profiles Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#196 Indicator Profile Meta Data - Add EPHT Fields Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Parking Lot
#205 Admin app Available Services page text box title Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#224 Paragraph seperator and hyperlink in "Data Note" and "Data Source" Enhancement Unknown View-App Unknown
#227 Query Module Reports for adopters using security features Enhancement Unknown View-App Unknown
#231 Query Builder User Defined Free Text Input Validation Issue Unknown View-App Unknown
#279 More specific roles in Admin Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Parking Lot
#280 Graph values table too big Issue Unknown Admin-App 3.0
#289 How to handle COV/RSE ? Enhancement Unknown View-App
#290 Flexibility for Alternate Measures Enhancement Unknown View-App
#291 TEXT_DISPLAY element/attribute for query measures Enhancement Unknown View-App
#306 New field in Admin DB to indicate a view as being EPHT-required Enhancement Unknown Admin-App 3.0
#307 PHOM and Community reports more dynamic Enhancement Unknown View-App 3.1
#332 IBIS Admin does not deactivate indicator views Issue Unknown View-App Unknown
#358 Kendo row limit Enhancement Unknown View-App Unknown
#366 ibisph-view.log rolling not working when context is root Issue Unknown View-App 2.3
#368 Permit Initiatives Target Values as a line on an Indicator View TBD 3.x Enhancement Unknown Admin-App Unknown
#369 Contextual format around saved queries/embed saved query into Indicators Enhancement Unknown View-App Unknown
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