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#247 Unpublished indicators still shown in related indicator links new *High Unassigned View-App
#381 Review/Retire use of mail creation of user logins for saved queries assigned GarthBraitwaite_STG *High 3.0 - Development View-App
#243 IbisQ Issues new Paul Leo +Medium Needs Analysis IBIS-Q
#357 Using <ADD_MISSING_QUERY_RESULT_RECORDS><ALL_FLAG/> in query configuration throws uncaught exception new +Medium Needs Analysis View-App
#15 Single spaces in IBIS-Q config file new -Low Unassigned IBIS-Q
#29 Adobe SVG Viewer Not Supported new -Low Unassigned View-App
#124 DOM4J XPath Issue new -Low Unassigned View-App
#256 Printer Friendly Community Snapshot Report problem new -Low Needs Analysis View-App
#314 ibisph-admin v 2.3 - when viewing Graph Specifications and clicking on Resources & Refs, URL takes you no wher new Testing -Low Unassigned Admin-App
#327 xslt\html\query\module\result\Result.xslt new Maria -Low 3.0 - Testing View-App
#344 Kendo charts with small numbers new Garth -Low Needs Analysis View-App
#123 IBIS-Q Issue with Blank Custom User Defined Groups new Unknown Needs Analysis IBIS-Q
#168 Saved Query Selections Lost Due to Login new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#218 Dimension Naming and Saved Criteria new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#219 Indicator Profile XSLT and BLOB Stored XML new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#231 Query Builder User Defined Free Text Input Validation new Unknown Needs Analysis View-App
#280 Graph values table too big new Unknown Needs Analysis Admin-App
#299 May want separate input validation strings (1) for user defined query, (2) for saved query new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#310 CP HL Single Page and Full Report IP XML structs SYNC Issue new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#332 IBIS Admin does not deactivate indicator views new Unknown Needs Analysis View-App
#333 Output to Excel glitch in Windows10 new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#334 HDDB and ED module Select diagnosis Step "User-defined ICD-9 diagnosis or E codes - any diagnosis code or E code" new Unknown Unassigned View-App
#359 Wiki formatting for Community Snapshot Reports new Unknown View-App
#361 Kendo Charts Issue if DIMENSION/SORT_ORDER specified without values being unique new Unknown View-App
#364 Query Measure NOT_SELECTABLE_FLAG having unintended consequences new Unknown View-App
#366 ibisph-view.log rolling not working when context is root new Unknown Needs Analysis View-App
#373 Delete Orphaned IPV Dims when removed from IP Dataset Dims new Unknown Admin-App
#375 Multiple Datasets with Same Dimension Structure Assigned to IP View new Unknown Admin-App
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