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#247 Unpublished indicators still shown in related indicator links new Issue *High Unassigned
#51 Integrate/Associate Query Module Configuration(s) with Indicator Profile Reports new Enhancement +Medium 3.0 - Feature Set Definition
#239 UT Content - Query Module Dimension Names & PDFs new Tong and Kim Adopter Support +Medium Needs Analysis
#125 Indicator Profile Clone new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#127 Indicator Cascade Delete new Enhancement -Low Needs Analysis
#128 Create Administrator DB scripts to use foreign keys new Enhancement -Low Needs Analysis
#209 Contact Us and Feedback Link Form new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#225 "Freeze" title rows in data tables (IBIS Admin and IBIS-Q output) new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#253 SVN to GIT new utah Task -Low Needs Analysis
#260 NJ's email wrapper new Garth Braithwaite Adopter Support -Low Unassigned
#141 multiple and view-specific HP objectives new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#166 News/RSS Interface new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#174 AgileBlox Replacement with Google Charts new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#207 My Indicators - Set Reports and Their Own Index new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#250 3-D graphic display on IBIS query SURVEY modules new Unknown Unknown Unassigned
#251 User Controlled Views - Chart Options, Data Fields, and Saving new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#255 What's Trending Now - Top Requests Page(s) new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#271 Query Dataset Measure's Navigation Options new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#281 Add Display Label field to Dataset Series for Indicator Reports new Enhancement Unknown 3.0 - Feature Set Definition
#298 Have the capability to have a a static page for an indicator new Enhancement Unknown 3.0 - Development
#339 Kendo Grid for HTML Tables new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#348 Saved Secure Queries new Enhancement Unknown 3.0 - Development
#373 Delete Orphaned IPV Dims when removed from IP Dataset Dims new Issue Unknown
#374 Default Ancillary Value new Enhancement Unknown
#376 Delete Orphaned Dataset Records new Enhancement Unknown
#379 Interface and Code to allow user to reset password new Enhancement Unknown
#380 Turn on selected Admin menu items as read-only assigned Enhancement Unknown
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