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#331 Breadcrumb path partially hidden new Garth Adopter Support *High
#367 $indicator/HEALTHY_PEOPLE_OBJECTIVE_NAME new Defect +Medium
#204 Admin app text length suggestions reopened Testing Defect -Low
#208 Documentation: Easy steps to upload to Trac new Maria Adopter Support -Low Unassigned
#314 ibisph-admin v 2.3 - when viewing Graph Specifications and clicking on Resources & Refs, URL takes you no wher new Testing Issue -Low Unassigned
#321 Admin indicator main page comes back empty after preview new Testing Defect -Low 3.0 - Testing
#327 xslt\html\query\module\result\Result.xslt new Maria Issue -Low 3.0 - Testing
#349 Sortable community snapshots new Enhancement -Low 3.0 - Analysis and Design
#168 Saved Query Selections Lost Due to Login new Issue Unknown Unassigned
#312 Indicator report references new Enhancement Unknown
#350 Jump to Top of Page new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#351 Responsive Menu Option new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
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