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#27 Finish Artifacted Files Mechanism new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#32 New IBIS-Q XML Data Structure for Community Profiles and Indicator Profiles new Enhancement -Low Needs Analysis
#33 Update Admin App's DB Structure and UI for IBIS-Q "Dataset" Centric Structure new Enhancement -Low Needs Analysis
#38 Admin user interface to build XML module files new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#124 DOM4J XPath Issue new Issue -Low Unassigned
#130 HP2020, HP2010, CSTE indicator pick list new Enhancement +Medium Needs Analysis
#169 Presentation of Query Selections new Lois Enhancement -Low Needs Analysis
#171 Indicator Profile Set Reports Definition Admin Interface new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#173 Move Indicator Data to View Level or Add a Topic Container For Indicator Profiles new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#196 Indicator Profile Meta Data - Add EPHT Fields new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#229 Query Module Configuration Base XML Includes For Generic Dimension Naming new Adopter Adopter Support -Low
#241 Tighter Integration - Topics, IP, QM, Publications, Metadata new Enhancement Unknown 3.0 - Feature Set Definition
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