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#243 IbisQ Issues new Paul Leo Issue +Medium Needs Analysis
#301 Have Title on Map and Data Table for Queries new Lois Enhancement +Medium Needs Analysis
#357 Using <ADD_MISSING_QUERY_RESULT_RECORDS><ALL_FLAG/> in query configuration throws uncaught exception new Issue +Medium Needs Analysis
#314 ibisph-admin v 2.3 - when viewing Graph Specifications and clicking on Resources & Refs, URL takes you no wher new Testing Issue -Low Unassigned
#347 My Data Login page and Secure Data Login page use same xslt new Garth Enhancement -Low Needs Analysis
#244 ibisph-admin publish all enhancements new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#298 Have the capability to have a a static page for an indicator new Enhancement Unknown 3.0 - Development
#299 May want separate input validation strings (1) for user defined query, (2) for saved query new Issue Unknown Unassigned
#340 Some results in a Kendo grid (table) are not displayed correctly when using chrome web browser new Unknown Unknown Unassigned
#363 Update new Adopter Support Unknown
#366 ibisph-view.log rolling not working when context is root new Issue Unknown Needs Analysis
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