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#341 PDFs of indicator reports and query results new Garth Braithwaite Defect *High Needs Analysis
#233 Complementary Cell Suppression new Tong Zheng Enhancement +Medium Needs Analysis
#208 Documentation: Easy steps to upload to Trac new Maria Adopter Support -Low Unassigned
#249 Transpose row and column in query results new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#260 NJ's email wrapper new Garth Braithwaite Adopter Support -Low Unassigned
#327 xslt\html\query\module\result\Result.xslt new Maria Issue -Low 3.0 - Testing
#344 Kendo charts with small numbers new Garth Issue -Low Needs Analysis
#349 Sortable community snapshots new Enhancement -Low 3.0 - Analysis and Design
#292 IE hates NJSHAD new Maria Adopter Support Unknown Adopter Support
#304 General BRFSS query help needed new Maria Adopter Support Unknown Unassigned
#342 Filter options in Kendo tables new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#353 Wiki fomatting icons in Admin new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#358 Kendo row limit new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#360 Map doesn't show in complete indicator profile new Unknown Unknown
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