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#247 Unpublished indicators still shown in related indicator links new Issue *High Unassigned
#225 "Freeze" title rows in data tables (IBIS Admin and IBIS-Q output) new Enhancement -Low Unassigned
#308 Ability to sort list of related indicators new Enhancement -Low
#141 multiple and view-specific HP objectives new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#235 Ability to include Google motion charts as supplemental image new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#257 Add Legend Title to Indicator Graph Views new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#274 Use desired values field to determine map color direction new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#275 Ability to control maximum axis value new Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#279 More specific roles in Admin new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#280 Graph values table too big new Issue Unknown Needs Analysis
#281 Add Display Label field to Dataset Series for Indicator Reports new Enhancement Unknown 3.0 - Feature Set Definition
#305 Add Created and/or First Published date to Indicator DB reopened Enhancement Unknown Unassigned
#306 New field in Admin DB to indicate a view as being EPHT-required new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#307 PHOM and Community reports more dynamic new Enhancement Unknown Needs Analysis
#359 Wiki formatting for Community Snapshot Reports new Issue Unknown
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