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#15 Single spaces in IBIS-Q config file new Issue Unassigned IBIS-Q
#27 Finish Artifacted Files Mechanism new Enhancement Unassigned View-App
#29 Adobe SVG Viewer Not Supported new Issue Unassigned View-App
#32 New IBIS-Q XML Data Structure for Community Profiles and Indicator Profiles new Enhancement Needs Analysis View-App
#33 Update Admin App's DB Structure and UI for IBIS-Q "Dataset" Centric Structure new Enhancement Needs Analysis Admin-App
#37 IBIS-Q and View to handle 'n' dimensions new Enhancement Unassigned IBIS-Q
#38 Admin user interface to build XML module files new Enhancement Unassigned Admin-App
#40 View and Admin App Control - Reload Spring Beans, Reload App(s), Clearing Cache new Enhancement Unassigned Admin-App
#48 Query Module Regression Testing new Enhancement Needs Analysis IBIS-Q
#92 Categorized Index maintenance page new Enhancement Needs Analysis Admin-App
#124 DOM4J XPath Issue new Issue Unassigned View-App
#125 Indicator Profile Clone new Enhancement Unassigned Admin-App
#127 Indicator Cascade Delete new Enhancement Needs Analysis Admin-App
#128 Create Administrator DB scripts to use foreign keys new Enhancement Needs Analysis Admin-App
#169 Presentation of Query Selections new Lois Enhancement Needs Analysis View-App
#170 Wiki Based Static Content With Admin App Editor and Publishing Interface new Enhancement Unassigned Admin-App
#208 Documentation: Easy steps to upload to Trac new Maria Adopter Support Unassigned Repository
#209 Contact Us and Feedback Link Form new Enhancement Unassigned View-App
#225 "Freeze" title rows in data tables (IBIS Admin and IBIS-Q output) new Enhancement Unassigned View-App
#229 Query Module Configuration Base XML Includes For Generic Dimension Naming new Adopter Adopter Support Content
#237 Common Dimension Names and Values new Task Unassigned Content
#249 Transpose row and column in query results new Enhancement Unassigned View-App
#253 SVN to GIT new utah Task Needs Analysis Repository
#256 Printer Friendly Community Snapshot Report problem new Issue Needs Analysis View-App
#260 NJ's email wrapper new Garth Braithwaite Adopter Support Unassigned Java
#308 Ability to sort list of related indicators new Enhancement Admin-App
#314 ibisph-admin v 2.3 - when viewing Graph Specifications and clicking on Resources & Refs, URL takes you no wher new Testing Issue Unassigned Admin-App
#321 Admin indicator main page comes back empty after preview new Testing Defect 3.0 - Testing Admin-App
#322 Indicator List Page - sort by publish date new Enhancement Unassigned View-App
#327 xslt\html\query\module\result\Result.xslt new Maria Issue 3.0 - Testing View-App
#338 Tomcat console errors, not causing a problem? new Adopter Support Unassigned View-App
#344 Kendo charts with small numbers new Garth Issue Needs Analysis View-App
#347 My Data Login page and Secure Data Login page use same xslt new Garth Enhancement Needs Analysis View-App
#349 Sortable community snapshots new Enhancement 3.0 - Analysis and Design View-App
#204 Admin app text length suggestions reopened Testing Defect Admin-App
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