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#51 Integrate/Associate Query Module Configuration(s) with Indicator Profile Reports new Enhancement 3.0 - Feature Set Definition +Medium
#107 Data-driven Cat Index new Enhancement Needs Analysis +Medium
#130 HP2020, HP2010, CSTE indicator pick list new Enhancement Needs Analysis +Medium
#233 Complementary Cell Suppression new Tong Zheng Enhancement Needs Analysis +Medium
#239 UT Content - Query Module Dimension Names & PDFs new Tong and Kim Adopter Support Needs Analysis +Medium
#243 IbisQ Issues new Paul Leo Issue Needs Analysis +Medium
#295 Secure query css, xslt new Task Adopter Support +Medium
#301 Have Title on Map and Data Table for Queries new Lois Enhancement Needs Analysis +Medium
#346 Map text when map is not an option in query new Enhancement Needs Analysis +Medium
#357 Using <ADD_MISSING_QUERY_RESULT_RECORDS><ALL_FLAG/> in query configuration throws uncaught exception new Issue Needs Analysis +Medium
#367 $indicator/HEALTHY_PEOPLE_OBJECTIVE_NAME new Defect +Medium
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