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#51 Integrate/Associate Query Module Configuration(s) with Indicator Profile Reports query indicator integration new Enhancement +Medium
#346 Map text when map is not an option in query Map, text, query new Enhancement +Medium
#169 Presentation of Query Selections query selection new Lois Enhancement -Low
#249 Transpose row and column in query results query result table new Enhancement -Low
#123 IBIS-Q Issue with Blank Custom User Defined Groups query builder new Issue Unknown
#145 Multi-database query capability multi-database query, side-by-side graphs new Enhancement Unknown
#168 Saved Query Selections Lost Due to Login saved query new Issue Unknown
#173 Move Indicator Data to View Level or Add a Topic Container For Indicator Profiles query indicator integration new Enhancement Unknown
#304 General BRFSS query help needed query, BRFSS new Maria Adopter Support Unknown
#369 Contextual format around saved queries/embed saved query into Indicators format, saved query, contextual information new Enhancement Unknown
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