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#247 Unpublished indicators still shown in related indicator links indicator new Issue *High
#51 Integrate/Associate Query Module Configuration(s) with Indicator Profile Reports query indicator integration new Enhancement +Medium
#32 New IBIS-Q XML Data Structure for Community Profiles and Indicator Profiles indicator database new Enhancement -Low
#33 Update Admin App's DB Structure and UI for IBIS-Q "Dataset" Centric Structure indicator database new Enhancement -Low
#127 Indicator Cascade Delete indicator database new Enhancement -Low
#128 Create Administrator DB scripts to use foreign keys indicator database new Enhancement -Low
#173 Move Indicator Data to View Level or Add a Topic Container For Indicator Profiles query indicator integration new Enhancement Unknown
#185 Secure Indicator Views for Community Reports Community, secure indicator new Unknown Unknown
#196 Indicator Profile Meta Data - Add EPHT Fields indicator output, objectives new Enhancement Unknown
#207 My Indicators - Set Reports and Their Own Index personalized indicator new Enhancement Unknown
#257 Add Legend Title to Indicator Graph Views legend, indicator new Enhancement Unknown
#281 Add Display Label field to Dataset Series for Indicator Reports indicator, label, series, category new Enhancement Unknown
#360 Map doesn't show in complete indicator profile map, indicator, full report view new Unknown Unknown
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