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03/23/12 08:24:48 (10 years ago)
Paul Leo

Massforge had newer files than UT, so am updating UT with MassForge? updates, to make it easier for non-mass folks to access Mass' changes to UT adopters area... Seems like only change that needs to be examined is xslt/html/SiteSpecific.xslt

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  • adopters/ma/trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/xml/home/html_content/Welcome.xml

    r3477 r3655  
    2727        <CONTENT>
    28                 Welcome to the State of Massachusetts Community Health Provile (MassCHIP) Information
     28                Welcome to the State of Massachusetts Community Health Information Profile (MassCHIP) Information
    2929                System for Public Health (IBIS-PH).  This site provides statistical numerical
    3030                data as well as contextual information on the health status of Massachusett's residents and
    5858                        <li>
    5959                                <a ibis:href="publications" title="Go to the publications page" class="Bold">Publications</a> -
    60                                 Massachusetts Department of Health publications are designed to answer the
     60                                Massachusetts Department of Public Health statistical publications are designed to provide data for the
    6161                                most common and frequently asked questions concerning current Massachusett's
    6262                                Health issues.  This section contains indexes to the various MDPH
    6464                        </li>
    6565                        <li>   
    66                                 For the latest news and system updates, please go to the
    67                                 <a ibis:href="home/News.html" title="Go to the News and Updates page">News and Updates</a>
    68                                 page which lists the most recent publications, new or updated indicator profile
    69                                 reports, new or updated query datasets, and any general website functionality
     66                                For the latest system updates, please go to the
     67                                <a ibis:href="" title="Go to the Features page">features</a>
     68                                page which lists new or updated datasets and any general website functionality
    7069                                changes.
    71                         </li>
    72                         <li>
    73                                 <a ibis:href="home/Links.html" title="Go to more Links" class="Bold">More Links</a>, just for you.
    74                         </li>
    75                         <li>
    76                                 and a little <a ibis:href="home/Help.html" title="Help" class="Bold">HELP!</a>
    7770                        </li>
    7871                </ul><br/>
    8679                                (
    8780                                        "It appears that this browser is Netscape 4.x or an older,\n" +
    88                                         "unsupported browser.  This site is best viewed using a current \n"+
    89                                         "browser like Netscape 7.x+, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.x+ \n" +
    90                                         "(but should work with most current browsers).  If you continue,\n" +
     81                                        "unsupported browser.  This site is best viewed using Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.x+\n"+
     82                                        "or a modern browser.\n" +
     83                                        "If you continue,\n" +
    9184                                        "be prepared to experience pages not displaying properly and \n"+
    9285                                        "excessive wait times.  Please press the [OK] button to proceed."
  • adopters/ma/trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/xml/org_units.xml

    r3477 r3655  
    33        <ORG_UNIT name="DEFAULT">
    44                <NAME>DEFAULT</NAME>
    5                 <TITLE>Center for Health Data</TITLE>
     5                <TITLE>Bureau of Health Information, Statistics, Research, &amp; Evaluation (BHISRE)</TITLE>
    66                <DESCRIPTION/>
    7                 <CONTACT_TEXT>Department of Health, Telephone: 123-456-7890, Fax: 123-456-7890</CONTACT_TEXT>
     7                <CONTACT_TEXT>Massachusetts Department of Public Health, Telephone: 617 624 5629</CONTACT_TEXT>
    88                <ACTIVE_FLAG>x</ACTIVE_FLAG>
    99                <SORT_ORDER>0</SORT_ORDER>
  • adopters/ma/trunk/ibisph-view/src/main/webapp/xslt/html/SiteSpecific.xslt

    r3482 r3655  
    265265                <!-- had to wrap a div within so FF would format correctly... -->
    266266                <div id="printPageFooter"><div>
    267                         The information provided above is from the Department of Health's Center for
    268                         Health Data MassCHIP web site (  The information published
    269                         on this website may be reproduced without permission. Please use the following citation:
    270                         &quot;Retrieved
    271                         <xsl:value-of select="ibis:getFormattedCurrentDateTime()"/>
    272                         from Department of
    273                         Health, Center for Health Data, Indicator-Based Information System for Public Health Web
    274                         site:;.
    276268                        <xsl:if test="string-length($ibis.XMLModifedDate) &gt; 0">
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