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    4141        <CONTENT>
    42                 Welcome to the State of Utah's, Department of Health, Indicator-Based Information
    43                 System for Public Health (IBIS-PH).  This site provides statistical numerical
    44                 data as well as contextual information on the health status of Utahns and
    45                 the state of Utah's health care system. 
     42                Welcome to the State of Utah's, Department of Health, Secure Query Site.
     43                This site is only setup for secure queries.  Please go back to the current
     44                IBIS-PH website for all non secure type web page requests.
    4645                <br/><br/>
    48                 <h2>Getting Started</h2>
    49                 The tabbed navigation menu located toward the top of this page is organized
    50                 by the types of content available on this site.  To get started click on the
    51                 desired tab.  This will take you to an introduction page specific to that
    52                 section of the site.  A "Content and Usages" type page is also available
    53                 in each section that describes in more detail the type of data available in
    54                 that section and how that data it is intended to be used.  Listed below is a
    55                 brief description of each of the main sections available on this site.
    57                 <ul class="ExtraWhiteSpace">
    58                         <li>
    59                                 <a ibis:href="home" title="Go to the main home page" class="Bold">Home</a>
    60                                 - This section of the site contains  general information about the
    61                                 IBIS-PH website, Utah's Public Health data, and other general topic pages.
    62                         </li>
    63                         <li>
    64                                 <a ibis:href="publications" title="Go to the publications page" class="Bold">Publications</a> -
    65                                 Utah Department of Health publications are designed to answer the
    66                                 most common and frequently asked questions concerning current Utah
    67                                 Health issues.  This section contains indexes to the various UDOH
    68                                 publications and links to various UDOH Office web pages.
    69                         </li>
    70                         <li>
    71                                 <a ibis:href="indicator" title="Go to the indicator profiles page" class="Bold">
    72                                 Indicator Reports</a> - The Indicator Profile Reports section
    73                                 of the IBIS-PH website contains reports on health indicators.  These
    74                                 reports are focused on providing more detailed numerical and contextual
    75                                 data information than is typically found in published reports yet is
    76                                 still somewhat frequently requested. 
    77                         </li>
    78                         <li>
    79                                 <a ibis:href="query" title="Go to the custom query system" class="Bold">
    80                                 Dataset Queries</a> - This section of the IBIS-PH website allows
    81                                 for custom queries of public health numerical datasets.  It is intended
    82                                 to allow a user to be able to get specific publicly available,
    83                                 deidentified numerical data based on user defined filtering criteria.
    84                         </li>
    85                 </ul><br/>
    87                 Please see the main <a ibis:href="home/ContentUsage.html" title="Go to the contents and usage page">Contents
    88                 and Usage</a> page for additional information about the intended usage of
    89                 each of these sections. 
    90                 <br/><br/>
    92                 <h2>News and Updates</h2>
    93                 For the latest news and system updates, please go to the
    94                 <a ibis:href="home/News.html" title="Go to the News and Updates page">News and Updates</a>
    95                 page which lists the most recent publications, new or updated indicator profile
    96                 reports, new or updated query datasets, and any general website functionality
    97                 changes.
    98                 <br/><br/>
    100                 <h2>Questions, Concerns, and Feedback</h2>
    101                 Please feel free to <a ibis:href="home/ContactInformation.html" title="Go to the IBIS-PH Contact page">contact us</a>
    102                 if you have any questions, concerns, or suggestions.  Your feedback is very
    103                 valuable in helping us provide a site that meets the public's and your data needs.
    104 <!--
    105                 If you have a few minutes, please
    106                 leave us your <a href="Survey.html" title="Go to the user feedback survey">feedback</a>
    107                 about your experience using this site. 
    108 -->
    109                 <br/><br/>
    111                 <script type="text/javascript">
    112                         <!--
    113                         if(document.layers)
    114                         {
    115                                 alert
    116                                 (
    117                                         "It appears that this browser is Netscape 4.x or an older,\n" +
    118                                         "unsupported browser.  This site is best viewed using a current \n"+
    119                                         "browser like Netscape 7.x+, Microsoft's Internet Explorer 6.x+ \n" +
    120                                         "(but should work with most current browsers).  If you continue,\n" +
    121                                         "be prepared to experience pages not displaying properly and \n"+
    122                                         "excessive wait times.  Please press the [OK] button to proceed."
    123                                 );
    124                         }
    125                         //-->
    126                 </script>
    12846        </CONTENT>
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