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01/29/23 18:03:29 (2 months ago)
Paul Leo

Uploading hi_iq_func source and linux86 and win32 executables.
The executables in their respective folders are ready to use for IBIS version 3.x

For compiling and / or changing and compiling,

Please read the CompilingReadMe?.txt

The only difference in the source for linux86 and win32 are modifications that need to be made in the source file:file hi_iq.h.
To compile Windows version you need the
#define WIN_NT around lines 11 - 14.
To compile linux version you need to comment out the #define Win_NT.

There are separate Makefiles for compiling linux and windows versions of hi_iq_func3, in the c folder (Makefile_linux86 and Makefile_win32)

Rename the the version that you plan to compile to Makefile.

This is explained in a little more detailed in the CompilingReadMe?.txt file

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