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    r24677 r24899  
    149149                                        <li>
    150150                                                <img src="image/icon/Better.png"/>
    151                                                 Better is when the community's worst confidence limit value is better than the comparison value.
     151                                                Better is when the community is performing BETTER than the state, and the difference is statistically significant.
    152152                                        </li>
    153153                                        <li>
    154154                                                <img src="image/icon/Similar.png"/>
    155                                                 Similar is when the comparison value is between the community's confidence limit values.
     155                                                Similar is when the community value is the same or ABOUT THE SAME as the state. Differences are not statistically significant.
    156156                                        </li>
    157157                                        <li>
    158158                                                <img src="image/icon/Worse.png"/>
    159                                                 Worse is when the community's best confidence limit value is worse than the comparison value.
     159                                                Worse is when the community is performing WORSE than the state, and the difference is statistically significant.
    160160                                        </li>
     161                                        <li>Data Not Available indicates that the data was not collected for that group in that data system or that the data was suppressed because the denominator was too
     162                                        small to calculate a reliable rate.
     163                                        </li>                                   
    161164                                </ul>
    162165                        </footer>
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