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    5050                                <p>We provide data and practical health information throughout the site. The data is available in three formats:  Data Query format, Indicator Reports, and Analyzed  Display such as charts maps for some topics.
    5151                                        The practical information is available for environment topics and health outcomes topics and often include downloadable resources and guides.  </p>
    52                                 <span class="Bold">Data Query (Data Explorer)</span>
     53                                <h4>Data Query (Data Explorer)</h4>
    5354                                <p>Query datasets are available for users who want to work directly with a dataset.
    5455                                        Users define their custom query settings from a list of options and the website produces the data according to the definitions the user selected.
    5556                                        This includes a mapping function. Custom queries allow users to work directly with datasets. A query provides search parameters that the user must fill in. After the search parameters are entered, click Submit and the system will provide the requested data.
    5657                                        A list of the available public datasets is located on the Public Query Dataset Index under the "Data Portal" tab. </p>
    57                                 <span class="Bold">Indicator Reports</span>
     59                                <h4>Indicator Reports</h4>
    5860                                <p>An indicator is a fact or trend that indicates the level or condition of something.
    5961                                        Indicator reports are designed to answer the question "How are we doing?" for a selected health outcome or environmental exposure.
    6062                                        These provide a snapshot and are often a starting point for many who are beginning to get acquainted with the environmental health subject.
    6163                                        You can access indicator reports by going to the Indicator Report Index under the "Data Portal" tab. </p>
    62                                 <span class="Bold">Analyzed Data</span>
     65                                <h4>Analyzed Data</h4>
    6366                                <p>Data is also available in static map and chart data display for some areas, such as private wells.
    6467                                        These are housed in the Health tab and Environmental tab for topics such as private wells and common constituents associated with drinking water quality, such as metals.
    6568                                        You can access static data the "Environment" tab. </p>
    66                                 <span class="Bold">Health Information and Practical Health Tips</span>
     70                                <h4>Health Information and Practical Health Tips</h4>
    6771                                <p>The health information we provide on our webpage is for multiple audiences and uses.
    6872                                        The information ranges from general background information about a health or environmental exposure topic to what you can do to protect yourself and minimize exposure.
    7175                                        You can access this information by selecting the "Environment" tab; "Health" tab; or "Newsroom" tab. </p>
    7276                        </section>
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    7479                                <h3>Learning opportunities and resources</h3>
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